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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • They arrive at Maz's dive—built out of a much older temple or fortress—and Han offers Rey a spot on his ship.
  • Rey appreciates the offer but says she has to get back to Jakku.
  • They enter the castle/bar, and Maz spots Han from across the room.
  • She sizes up the group while various skulky figures alert both the Resistance and the First Order that they're here.
  • (Meanwhile, Kylo Ren meditates aboard his Star Destroyer on the not-at-all-creepy skull of his grandfather, Darth Vader.)
  • Maz spots the fear in Finn's eyes, and he says that the First Order terrifies him. She points out a couple of pilots who can take him far away.
  • Rey confronts him, and he admits that he's a runaway stormtrooper, but she still begs him not to go.
  • He leaves anyway. Joseph Campbell fans, take note.
  • Rey watches him go but is distracted by the sound of a girl crying
  • She follows the sound to the basement, where she finds a lightsaber—Luke Skywalker's lightsaber—in an old trunk.
  • When she picks it up, she has a vision: the destruction of Luke's Jedi school; Cloud City, where Luke lost his hand; herself being abandoned as a baby; and a confrontation with the wrong kind of tall, dark stranger in the woods.
  • The vision ends, and Rey finds Maz is there.
  • She says that the lightsaber is calling to Rey.
  • Rey claims she never wants to touch it again, and she runs out of Maz's place into the nearby woods (again, Campbell fans, mark this one with a pin).
  • BB-8 follows her.

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