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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • A Resistance shuttle lands as the First Order clears out.
  • General Leia and C-3PO emerge.
  • Leia and Han are reunited after years apart; it's a little awkward, and C-3PO doesn't help in that department.
  • Han claims he saw Kylo Ren—formerly their son, Ben.
  • They all take off for D'Qar, headquarters of the Resistance.
  • Poe and Finn reunite, and Finn gets to keep Poe's jacket. Besties.
  • C-3PO reports that BB-8's map is only partially complete and won't be any good without the rest of it.
  • BB-8 finds R2-D2 at the base, in low power mode, as he's been ever since Luke left.
  • Han and Leia hash it out about their son and the pain they both feel about the whole betraying-Luke-and-going-over-to-the-dark-side thing.
  • Han doesn't think he can be saved, but Leia thinks there's still good in him.
  • Han agrees to go after him.

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