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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Back with the Resistance, Finn tells everyone what he can about Starkiller Base.
  • It's bigger than the Death Star—a lot bigger—and now it's charging to literally blow the planet out from under them.
  • It sucks up the power of a nearby sun to run its Mega-Ray of Doom.
  • Han asks if there's any way to blow it up, and Resistance leaders mention an "oscillator" that could be induced to blow it up real good.
  • The planet has shields protecting it from attack; Han, Chewie, and Finn agree to go in and shut down the shields.
  • Finn is going on the mission to find Rey.
  • How can he do this? As Han says, "You wouldn't like it."
  • Han and Leia say good-bye, and the Falcon blasts off.

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