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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Inside Starkiller Base, Ren continues searching for Rey.
  • The Falcon breaches Starkiller's shields by coming out of hyperspace inside them...right on the planet's surface.
  • It's a bumpy landing, but they manage.
  • Ren suddenly stops his search, sensing dear old dad.
  • Finn reveals that he actually worked in sanitation and doesn't know how to shut off the shields...but he has a thought.
  • That thought is Captain Phasma.
  • Han, Chewie, and Finn sneak into the base, abduct Phasma, and force her to lower the shields.
  • With the shields down, Poe's X-wings are free to launch their attack.
  • TIE fighters are ordered to engage them.
  • While they fight, Starkiller Base continues sucking up energy from the sun; when it goes dark, the base can fire.

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