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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Han, Chewie, and Finn run into Rey, looking for a way out of the base.
  • Chewie reveals that Finn wanted to come back for Rey.
  • The X-wings continue their attack, but they can't inflict enough damage.
  • Han and the gang resolve to use explosives they brought with them to help the X-wings along.
  • They plant the explosives in a vast, chasm-y part of the base.
  • Kylo Ren appears on a catwalk in the middle of the chasm.
  • Han calls him by his given name—Ben—and moves out to talk to him.
  • He convinces Ren to take off his mask and pleads with him to give up this dark side fussin' and feudin'.
  • Ren seems torn, and he asks for Han's help in resolving his inner torment.
  • Han agrees, and Ren starts to hand him his lightsaber...and then hesitates.
  • The light from the sun goes out.
  • Ren activates his lightsaber, skewering Han in two.
  • Han looks really surprised, and he tumbles down into the chasm.
  • Chewie freaks out.
  • Rey and Finn freak out.
  • General freaking out commences.
  • Chewie fires at Ren, hitting him in the side.
  • He then detonates the explosives, helping Poe's X-wings inflict more damage.
  • One problem: the base is now charged and will begin firing semi-immediately.

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