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The Terminator isn't just an R-rated movieā€”it's an '80s R-rated movie. Translation: consider this a hard R.

This film is violent, and we're talking about an '80s level of violence: people are shot, run over, and blown up in spectacularly gory fashion. In the first ten minutes of the film alone, the Terminator murders three street punks, offing one by punching a hole through his stomach.

The film's also got two sex scenes, one showing bare breasts. The bare butts of our time-traveling gents are on full display, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is also featured in a scene involving full-frontal nudity. Wait, you may be thinking, wasn't Arnold covered by some auspicious shadowing? While that's true, let's just say that the age of the HD television has "enhanced" certain scenes in ways previous at-home definitions could not.

There's also plenty of swearing, but at this point, we think we've already made our case.

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