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The Terminator Ginger Ventura (Bess Motta)

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Ginger Ventura (Bess Motta)

True to the teen '80s spirit she embodies, Ginger is a girl who just wants to have fuh-uhn. Let's go through the checklist: she chews bubblegum, she listens to her Walkman all the time, she spends all afternoon grooming for her date, and she has only one night-time activity planned for said date. Wink.

In the game of stock character Bingo, Ginger is going black out on the ditzy-gal card.

In this way, she's a perfect foil for Sarah. Consider this exchange from after Sarah learns her date has canceled, for example:

GINGER: That bum. So what if he has a Porsche? He can't treat you like this. It's Friday night, for Christ's sake.

SARAH: I'll live.

GINGER: I'll break his kneecaps.

Ginger's response shows that she considers dates and boys to be of the utmost importance. Last time we checked, a canceled date isn't an offense worthy of kneecapping someone. Even a mafia hitman would be like, "Whoa, take it down a notch, eh?"

Sarah, on the other hand, has a more practical response to the bad news. She decides to not let it ruin her evening, and she goes out to grab a slice of pizza. Although it's a small moment, it shows that Sarah has a certain amount of maturity that her peers are lacking, which hints at her ability to grow and become the Sarah Connor of legend.

Sadly for Ginger, she's a flirty young gal who finds herself in a horror film. As punishment for her sexy ways, she must be killed by the monster, just like in every slasher movie since Halloween.

The scenario plays out just as you'd expect. After she and her boyfriend, Matt, enjoy some lovin', she goes into the kitchen to make a post-sexy-time sandwich. The Terminator breaks in and kills Matt, but she is unable to hear the scuffle because she's got her Walkman on. Young people these days, right? The Terminator kills her, thinking she's Sarah Connor.

That's the end of Ginger's story. We assume she goes to '80s Girl Heaven, where cassettes never unravel, legwarmers never get swampy, and hairspray is in infinite supply.

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