Gun Shop Owner (Dick Miller)

The gun shop owner is more of a plot device than a character—he doesn't even have a name. The Terminator pretends to be a patron of his store and requests to check out a bunch of guns. The owner thinks it's his lucky day, but when he goes to get the paperwork, the Terminator loads a shell into the shotgun and blows him away.

Scene set.

Why do we even bring the guy up? Because he's played by Dick Miller, that's why. This actor's been in everything from Gremlins to The Twilight Zone Movie to Batman: The Animated Series. Once you recognize Dick Miller, you'll start to see him everywhere. If you can memorize his filmography, along with Christopher Lee's, Frank Welker's, and Kevin Bacon's, you'll dominate at any game of "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon." Seriously, none shall stop you.

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