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The Terminator Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Reese pulls to the side of the road. He and Sarah grab a first-aid kit and a flashlight from the trunk and push the car off the road.
  • Reese and Sarah take shelter under an overpass and huddle together for warmth. Sarah asks Reese his first name. He says it's Kyle.
  • Sarah dresses Reese's gunshot wound. To keep her mind occupied, Reese tells her about John.
  • Reese reveals that he volunteered for the mission to meet the legendary Sarah Connor, who taught her son how to fight and organize.
  • Sarah gets upset: she isn't that person, and she doesn't want the "honor."
  • Reese gives Sarah a message from her son and compliments her field dressing. She admits it's her first time doing it.
  • Sarah asks Reese to tell her about his world as she falls asleep.
  • Reese's story takes us to a flashback. Or is that a flashforward? Because it's his past, but it's also our future, so…?
  • Anyway, we see Reese and his squad returning to a resistance base. Children and the sick live in squalor, draped in ragged clothing, with dirty faces. TV sets are used as fireplaces, and one kid even kills a rat for dinner.
  • Reese takes a rest and looks tiredly at a picture of Sarah.
  • The dogs start barking like mad as a Terminator breaks in and starts killing everyone.
  • Reese and other resistance members fight back.
  • Reese is knocked down by an explosion. Weak, he lies on the floor, watching on as the picture of Sarah burns in the flames.

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