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The Terminator Scene 11

Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Sarah wakes up in Reese's arms. They walk off into the morning.
  • The Terminator's slumlord knocks on his door, complaining about the smell. The Terminator selects from a list of responses and chooses the proper human rejoinder for any slumlord's request.
  • Sarah and Reese hitch a ride to the Tiki Motel and rent a room.
  • After Sarah is settled in the room, Reese goes out for supplies. He gives Sarah a gun just in case. (In case of what? The Terminator has proven itself resistant to bullets so far, buddy.)
  • Sarah calls her mother and gives her a phone number she can reach her at.
  • We cut to a cabin. The camera pans over a scene of carnage: a kicked in door, bullet-ridden walls, and knocked-over furniture. The camera finally rests on the Terminator pretending to be Sarah's mother.
  • Dialing the number, the Terminator discovers where Sarah is holed up.

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