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The Terminator Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Reese dumps the supplies on the table. Sarah asks what's for dinner, and he says they are making explosives.
  • The Terminator drives to the Tiki Motel.
  • Reese and Sarah spend quality getting-to-know-you time making homemade dynamite.
  • That night, Sarah asks Reese if he is disappointed in the "legendary" Sarah Connor.
  • Reese admits to Sarah that John gave him a photograph of her. He fell in love with her through it and traveled through time for her.
  • Oddly enough, Sarah finds this temporal stalking endearing.
  • Reese and Sarah hook up that night.
  • The two are getting ready when they hear the dog barking viciously outside.
  • The Terminator breaks into their room and starts shooting, but they have already sneaked out the back.
  • Reese pulls a guy from his truck and drives away—but not before giving his pursuer a little chin music with the truck's hood.
  • The Terminator follows.
  • Sarah drives as Reese lobs explosives. The Terminator weaves through the explosions while taking shots at the truck.
  • Reese is gut shot.
  • Sarah slams the Terminator between the truck and guardrail. She overcorrects and flips the truck.
  • A semi-truck runs over the Terminator—all 18 wheels just going to town on the machine's face. The driver goes to see what he ran over, and the Terminator kills him.
  • The Terminator hijacks the semi-truck. It sets its sights on the flipped truck.
  • Sarah struggles to free Reese from the wreckage. The two slip out of the truck just as the semi demolishes it.
  • Reese yells at Sarah to run. As the semi passes him, he plants an explosive on it. He takes cover in a dumpster.
  • The truck barrels down on Sarah, getting closer and closer.
  • Sarah ducks into an alley just as the semi explodes.
  • A fireball consumes the semi. The fiery figure of the Terminator stumbles from the wreckage, takes a couple steps, and collapses.

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