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The Terminator Scene 13

Scene 13

Scene 13

  • Reese and Sarah embrace in success. Yeah, a tad premature.
  • The Terminator's endoskeleton rises from the fire like something from Army of Darkness and gives chase.
  • Sarah breaks into a nearby building. She pulls an injured Reese into a giant assembly floor and struggles to shut the reinforced metal doors as the Terminator closes the distance.
  • Sarah shuts and locks the doors just as the Terminator reaches them. The Terminator begins kicking down the door, smashing it into scrap.
  • Reese turns on all the machines to prevent the Terminator from tracking him and Sarah and collapses from exhaustion.
  • Sarah begs for Reese to move, but he can't manage it. Screaming at him like a drill sergeant, Sarah gets Reese to his feet just as the Terminator breaks in.
  • The Terminator stalks Reese and Sarah. They crawl silently through the assembly floor.
  • Sarah accidentally turns on a machine, alerting the Terminator to their whereabouts.
  • The Terminator jump-scares Sarah and Reese on the walkway. Reese tells Sarah to run before going José Canseco on the Terminator with a lead pipe.
  • The Terminator smacks Reese around and turns to Sarah—but not before Reese places his last explosive in its endoskeleton.
  • The explosion blasts the Terminator clean in half while throwing Sarah and Reese apart.
  • Sarah rises from the explosion, disoriented and in pain.
  • Like a boss, Sarah pulls shrapnel from her leg and crawls to Reese.
  • Reese is dead. That explosion turned him into a bunch of Reese's Pieces.
  • What? Too soon?
  • The Terminator's upper half enjoys the opportunity for a cheap jump-scare to let us know the machine is still kicking.
  • The Terminator crawls after Sarah. She ducks onto the assembly line. Her injuries prevent her from running, and the Terminator draws ever closer.
  • Thinking quickly, Sarah crawls under a hydraulic press. The Terminator follows.
  • On the other side, Sarah activates the press just as the Terminator's skeletal fingers close around her throat.
  • The press crushes the Terminator. Its blood-red eye flickers, dilates, and then fades out.
  • A hard cut shows paramedics rushing an injured Sarah to the hospital as she watches them zip up the body bag on Reese.

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