Study Guide

The Terminator Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Sarah Connor begins her day of waiting tables at Big Jeff's.
  • Elsewhere, the buff guy—now decked out in the latest punk finery—goes all Grand Theft Auto on a suburban station wagon.
  • Sarah has a rough day at work. She gets orders wrong, has customers complain at her, and even suffers a kid putting rainbow sherbet in her apron pocket. With a job like that, bring on the killer robots.
  • The buff guy goes to a gun store and orders a militia's worth of firepower. When the store clerk isn't looking, he loads the shotgun with a shell and, blam-o, blows the clerk away.
  • The smaller guy is in an alley, modifying his shotgun so he can carry it stealthily under his jacket.
  • The buff guy locates a phonebook and rips out the page with the listings for Sarah Connor.

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