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The Terminator Scene 5

Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The smaller guy hotwires a car. He observes some construction equipment and has a recurrent memory of the future.
  • In it, the smaller guy and another soldier sneak through a desolate future landscape. They sneak up on a robot tank and toss bombs to destroy it.
  • The partner breaks cover and is instantly torn to shreds by the Hunter-Killer's firepower.
  • The smaller guy jumps into a getaway car. A flying Hunter-Killer tracks the car while taking potshots.
  • An explosion flips the car, trapping the guy inside as fire consumes the vehicle.
  • The small guy wakes up in the present cradling his shotgun.
  • Meanwhile, Sarah and her roommate, Ginger, glam it up when Ginger's boyfriend calls. We won't get into the details here, but it's sufficient to say he embarrasses himself really bad.
  • We cut to the police station. Detective Hal Vukovich hands Lieutenant Ed Traxler a picture of a dead girl. And then another one. Vukovich points out they are both named Sarah Connor.
  • Sarah's date calls and cancels. Not one to pine, she decides to go to a movie.

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