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The Terminator Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Members of the press hound Traxler about the Sarah Connor murders. He ignores their questions. In his office, he has Vukovich try to call the next Sarah in the phonebook.
  • At Sarah's apartment, Vukovich leaves a message, but Ginger and her boyfriend are too busy, um, getting busy to hear it.
  • Back at the station, Traxler decides to make a statement, hoping that if Sarah Connor sees the news, she'll call them.
  • At a pizzeria, Sarah Connor hears the news report about the two dead Sarah Connors.
  • Quick on the uptake, Sarah grabs a phonebook and pieces together that she's next in line.
  • Leaving the pizzeria, Sarah notices the small guy creeping on her.
  • Freaked out, Sarah ducks into the Tech Noir nightclub. Using the payphone, she calls the police, but all the lines are busy.
  • Meanwhile, the buff guy arrives at Sarah's apartment. He throws Ginger's boyfriend through the bedroom door before shooting Ginger in the back.
  • Too bad Ginger and her boyfriend didn't realize they were in a horror movie, otherwise they would have spent more time running than getting busy.
  • Just as the buff guy's about to leave, the answering machine plays Sarah's message. She tells Ginger she is at the Tech Noir and asks her to come and pick her up.
  • The buff guy finds Sarah's university ID, which comes with a handy-dandy photo.

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