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The Terminator Scene 7

Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Sarah finally gets through to the police. Traxler warns her to stay visible: he'll have a car come and pick her up.
  • The buff guy enters the club.
  • Sarah notices the small guy bellied-up to the bar. At the same moment, the buff guy notices her.
  • The buff guy draws his sidearm and slowly approaches Sarah…or maybe that's just the slo-mo.
  • The buff guy aims his reticle squarely at Sarah's forehead. A shot rings out—but it's the small guy blasting the bigger one.
  • Sarah runs.
  • Unfazed, the buff guy gets up and starts unloading his Uzi all spray-'n'-pray style.
  • The small guy comes from behind to fire even more shotgun shells. One. Two. Three. He blasts the buff guy straight out the window.
  • The small guy tells Sarah, "Come with me if you want to live!"—easily in the top five pick-up lines of all time.
  • Sarah and the small guy run through an alley. The buff guy gives chase.
  • We receive an odd P.O.V. shot in which everything is red and there is computer script splayed across the screen. (Sure, today we all know this guy's a Terminator, but in 1984, that must have been a "What the huh?" moment for the audience.)
  • The small guy shoots a car in its weak spot. It explodes through the alley.
  • The buff guy leaps through the flames and onto smaller guy's car hood. He punches through the window and tries to pull Sarah out.
  • The small guy floors it out of the alley and emerges just in time to smash into a police cruiser.
  • The buff guy is tossed like a ragdoll off the hood. The officer reports the hit-and-run over the radio, but the buff guy kills him and takes his vehicle.
  • The small guy weaves through traffic—not to mention crazy-lucky pedestrians.
  • Sarah panics and tries to leap out of the car, but the small guy pulls her back and orders her to do exactly as he tells her.
  • Sarah begs the small guy not to her hurt her. He says his name is Reese, and he's here to protect her, as she's been scheduled for termination.
  • It's real close to a breakdown moment.
  • Sarah wonders how a guy could get up after being shot so many times. Reese informs her that it isn't a man: it's a Terminator—Cyberdine systems model 101 to be precise.
  • Reese sideswipes a few pursuing cop cars, knocking them off the road.
  • Reese drives into a parking garage to hide.
  • Reese informs Sarah that the Terminator is an infiltration unit. Underneath, it's a metal alloy robot, but on the surface, it looks human: sweat, blood, skin, hair, bad breath—all the disgusting stuff.
  • Sarah argues they can't make stuff like that, and then Reese drops the mind bomb: he and that thing are from the future, where they can totally make stuff like that.
  • Deciding she's spent enough time in crazy town, Sarah tries to leave, but Reese pulls her back into the car. He tells her the Terminator will not stop until she is dead.
  • Sarah asks if the small guy can stop it. He doesn't know.

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