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The Terminator Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • At the police station, Sarah is shaken up over hearing that Ginger and her boyfriend are dead.
  • Traxler introduces Sarah to Dr. Silberman, a criminal psychologist. Sarah asks if Reese is crazy, and he says they're going to find out.
  • Elsewhere, the Terminator sneaks into a hotel room. All banged up, it sets about repairing itself. The scene is somehow mechanical and visceral all at the same time.
  • Silberman interviews Reese. When he asks why the machines don't kill John Connor in the future, Reese notes that they had already won by that point. Skynet had no choice but to wipe out Connor's pre-existence.
  • Silberman wonders how Reese is supposed to get back. Reese says he can't: it's a one-way trip, and John destroyed the time machine afterward. It's just the two of them—until the sequels, of course.
  • Back at the hotel, the Terminator repairs its eye in a scene that is one part eye exam, one part Saw film. We don't wanna play that game.
  • The Terminator arms itself with the guns from under the mattress and heads out.
  • Meanwhile, Sarah, Silberman, and the police watch the video of Reese's interview. Silberman says Reese's delusions are so intricate that he could make a career out him.
  • On the video, Reese tells Silberman to shut up. Looking at the camera, he pleads with whoever is watching that the Terminator will find Sarah.
  • Silberman confirms Reese is "a loon."
  • Traxler offers Sarah the couch to sleep on. He assures her she'll be safe. They have thirty cops in the building. What could possibly happen?
  • Silberman leaves the police station, passing the Terminator on his way out.
  • The Terminator tells the front desk that it is a friend of Sarah's. The officer says it'll have to wait to see her.
  • The Terminator drops the famous "I'll be back" line. It returns moments later, driving a car through the front desk.
  • Sarah wakes up to the noise.
  • The Terminator makes its way through the police station. The police shoot it, but the machine doesn't even pause. It just shoots any officer in its path.
  • The police begin to run and take cover, but the Terminator kills them, too.
  • Finding a power box, the Terminator short-circuits the fuses, and the entire police station is draped in darkness.
  • Traxler tells Sarah to stay in his office.
  • Reese knocks out the officer watching him and takes the handcuff keys.
  • The Terminator continues its murderous rampage. Traxler shoots it with an assault weapon, but the machine turns around, all business-like, and kills him. An enraged Vukovich goes after it and meets a similarly fatal fate.
  • Sarah hides in Traxler's office. She hears someone approach the door and open it. She closes her eyes in fear.
  • Reese calls out to Sarah, and the two unite.
  • Together, Reese and Sarah run into the parking lot and steal a car, escaping the police station just before the Terminator catches them.

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