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The Birds Fandoms

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Alfred Hitchcock was a pop culture icon, with all of the mass-marketing potential and enthusiasm for self-promotion that the role suggests:

  • He was famously filmed introducing each episode of the 1955-1962 mystery anthology television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents.
  • He had cameos in the children's mystery novel series The Three Investigators.
  • One trailer for The Birds is just Alfred Hitchcock nattering on and on about birds.

Translation: he had enough of a popular fandom that he could sell his own films.

Any film geek is likely to be a Hitchcock geek as well.

One place they can satisfy their cravings? The Hitchcock Zone, a compilation of websites and blogs about their favorite director.

The fan base reaches deep into the heart of academia, too. Hitchcock's films figure in some of the definitive texts of film studies, and multiple collections of essays like this one and this one gather some of the finest and most influential contributions to Hitchcock scholarship over the years. Feel like geeking out in the library? You'll have a field day.

Just make sure you board up the windows and fireplace before you leave home.

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