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The Birds Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The next morning, Melanie wakes up and looks out the window.
  • Lydia is driving Cathy to school and plans to go to visit her neighbor's farm (the one with the chickens that were acting up).
  • The perspective then follows the car as it drives away—the first time in the film that you leave Melanie's point of view.
  • Lydia drives her green truck to Mr. Fawcett's after dropping off Cathy.
  • She meets Fawcett's helper, who says he hasn't seen the boss this morning.
  • Lydia goes in. She sees some broken teacups, just like the ones in her house after the bird attack. Uh-oh.
  • She slowly enters the house, looks for Fawcett, and finds him. There's broken glass and dead birds everywhere. Fawcett is slumped in the corner in his pajamas with his eyes pecked out.
  • Yech.
  • Lydia runs away panicked, unable to speak. She staggers to her car and drives home.
  • Mitch and Melanie try to ask her what's wrong, but she just runs inside.

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