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The Birds Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Mitch is going over to the Fawcett farm to meet with Officer Al. Melanie stays to look after Lydia.
  • Mitch gives Melanie a little kiss, and they snuggle.
  • The bird attacks are bumping their relationship along, anyway.
  • Melanie takes tea to Lydia, who's worried about Cathy at the school.
  • She talks about how much she misses her husband and how weak she is without him.
  • Lydia also says that she's not sure she's happy with Mitch liking Melanie because she's always afraid of being left alone. We're not sure what's behind this sudden openness with Melanie.
  • She asks Melanie to get Cathy from school, which turns out to be a very good idea.

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