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The Birds Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Mitch and Melanie run up to Annie's house to get Cathy.
  • They go by the school and see it covered with birds. There are crows all over the jungle gym, too.
  • They slowly sneak past.
  • There are synthesized crow caws; it doesn't sound very realistic, but it is creepy.
  • They see a body lying outside the house.
  • That's Annie. Not a rival for Mitch's affections anymore, it looks like.
  • Cathy is in the house. We see her framed in the window, crying.
  • Mitch is distraught, as you might imagine. He's going to throw a rock at the crows sitting on the house, but Melanie stops him, presumably because she's afraid to rile them up.
  • Mitch covers Annie with his coat and then takes her inside.
  • As they drive away, Cathy says that she and Annie went outside when they heard the explosion, and the birds attacked. Annie pushed Cathy inside, and then the birds got her.

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