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The Birds Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • Melanie drives up the coast to Bodega Bay.
  • You may be saying, hey, nothing much is happening yet in this film. Who cares about the stupid lovebirds? Where's the horror?
  • You'd have a point; lots of critics feel that The Birds gets off to a slow start.
  • Still driving.
  • Still driving.
  • Finally, Melanie gets out of the car and goes into the post office to ask where Mitch lives.
  • There follows a conversation that goes on forever and ever, designed to provide a logical reason for Melanie to go across the bay to the Brenner house in a boat because Hitchcock thinks that will let him set up some nifty shots.
  • You also learn that Melanie is trying to deliver the birds as a surprise gift to Mitch's sister.
  • The post office clerk is pretty taken with Melanie. She seems used to people thinking she's pretty.
  • Anyway, there's more nattering. The clerk and a visitor can't seem to agree on Mitch's sister's name. Melanie wants to put it on the card.
  • The clerk sends Melanie to Annie Hayworth's house. Annie is the schoolteacher, and she'll definitely know Mitch's sister's name.

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