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The Birds Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Melanie gets back to the dock and takes the birds with her to a boat rental place, where she takes a small boat over to Mitch's house.
  • Lots of beautiful shots of her in her fancy fur against the natural beauty of the bay.
  • She sees Mitch go to the barn. She comes ashore, sneaks into the house, deposits the lovebirds, leaves her note, and sneaks out.
  • Birds invading the house—this will come up again.
  • Melanie sneaks back out and gets in her boat to head back across the bay.
  • She stops to watch Mitch go into the house and sees him come back out.
  • She tries to start the boat, but he gets binoculars and sees her.
  • He looks very satisfied with himself; she looks very satisfied with herself. Everyone looks satisfied with themselves.
  • Melanie motors back across the bay and watches as Mitch drives his car around the bay to meet her.
  • Did we mention she looks very smug?
  • Hitchcock will wipe that look off her face in a second, though.
  • She actually stops looking smug and composes her features into a look of bemused curiosity; she tilts her head like a bird.
  • And then, a seagull whooshes down from out of nowhere and slams into her forehead.

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