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The Birds Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Mitch leaps down to help her, and they both agree that the seagull was acting weird.
  • We're a quarter into the film, incidentally; this is the first indication of the actual plot of the movie.
  • Mitch helps her up to the restaurant; she seems out of it and in pain.
  • But then, she comes around, and the two of them start bantering again.
  • She learns he's a lawyer practicing in San Francisco.
  • Melanie lies and pretends she didn't come up just to drop off the birds; she says she's friends with Annie Hayworth.
  • She's not a very good liar, considering how much practice she seems to get.
  • Mitch smugly says he thinks she came to see him.
  • His mother comes in, and he introduces her and Melanie. If looks could kill…
  • Lydia seems very suspicious, especially when she learns Melanie delivered lovebirds.
  • Lydia isn't into her adult son dating.
  • Mitch invites Melanie to dinner anyway and bullies her into accepting.
  • Actually, she sort of equivocates—maybe she will and maybe she won't—but clearly, she will.
  • Lydia's not happy about it. Not at all.

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