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The Birds Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Melanie gets back to Annie's.
  • Annie offers her some brandy; she seems to think a girl needs brandy after an evening with Mitch.
  • They chat. Annie explains she used to live in San Francisco but came up to Bodega Bay for a weekend when Mitch invited her.
  • The thing with Mitch didn't work, but she liked Bodega Bay, so she stayed. She and Mitch broke up a long time ago.
  • Then, there's some tedious psychoanalyzing of Lydia; Annie thinks Lydia is possessive and pushes Mitch's girlfriends away.
  • Annie says she came out to Bodega Bay to be near Mitch after they broke up, which seems a little stalker-y and weird, but Melanie doesn't comment.
  • Mitch calls the house for Melanie to ask her again to come to Cathy's birthday party. Melanie agrees.
  • Annie says she'll be there, too.
  • There's a loud thump at the door.
  • They open it to find a seagull that crashed into the door and killed itself.
  • Annie says maybe the gull lost its way in the dark, but Melanie points out there's a full moon.
  • They're ba-ack.

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