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The English Patient Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • In the present, Hana has fallen asleep while reading to Almásy.
  • She wakes up and walks to the bathroom to wash herself with a jug of water.
  • Seeing her own reflection, she cries.
  • Caravaggio hears her crying and checks on Hana. She tells him to leave her alone.
  • He pours some of Hana's washing water from the jug into a glass, but doesn't leave her alone.
  • He wants to know if she's in love with her English patient.
  • She denies it. "I'm in love with ghosts," she says. "So is he."
  • Caravaggio says that Almásy is the man who cut off his thumbs: "Ask him who he's killed."
  • She cries more and begs Caravaggio to not creep around the monastery.
  • But the creeper says that Almásy doesn't have amnesia. He willingly wants to forget.

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