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The English Patient Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • Flashback time!
  • Katharine has pulled off some "fundraising heroics" and the men are doing a toast to mapmaking.
  • She seems to have traded her husband's photography skills to a brigadier.
  • Clifton returns to Cairo to photograph the brigadier, leaving Katharine in the desert with all the menfolk.
  • Almásy asks him if it's appropriate to leave her. The desert might be too tough for Katharine's fragility.
  • Clifton trusts his wife completely, though. (Bad call, Clifton.)
  • In the present, Hana uncovers the piano, which has tipped over, but is still playable.
  • She tickles the ivories while Caravaggio tickles his veins with morphine.
  • Hana's piano playing attracts a soldier who runs up and fires a gun to get her to stop playing.
  • According to him, the pianos were a favorite hiding place for landmines.
  • It's the guy who found the landmine from before. He sweeps the piano for a mine.
  • And O-M-G, he finds explosives under the piano.
  • He wants Hana to move out because the building could be riddled with mines.
  • Hana says she will marry the Sikh, because her mother always told her she would summon her husband by playing piano.
  • Almásy suggests they charge rent now that Caravaggio, the Sikh, and his soldiers are staying with them.
  • The next day, Hana tends to her garden as the Sikh rides away on a motorcycle.

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