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The English Patient Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • Flashback time again.
  • Katharine and Almásy are riding in a jeep, and Katharine wonders why a count like Almásy is in the desert.
  • Almásy reminisces aloud about time spend with a guide who didn't talk for nine hours.
  • In other words: Katharine, shut up.
  • So Katharine pokes fun at Almásy for singing.
  • They reach their destination, and their guides stop to pray.
  • While they pray, Almásy hikes some nearby rocks, where he finds a cave.
  • Inside the cavern, Almásy smiles bigger than we've seen him smile before, but we don't see what he sees.
  • He runs outside and calls for Madox who follows him in. What's in there?
  • There are cave paintings—drawings of people swimming through the air.
  • Katharine sits down and copies some of the drawings into her notebook.
  • Almásy observes one of his buddies, Bermann, flirting with a local boy, Kamal.
  • In the jeep on the way back to camp, Bermann continues flirting with Kamal, who rides on top of the jeep, by having him hang over and feeding him fruit. It's like Spiderman and Mary Jane in that famous upside-down kiss.
  • Except Kamal falls off the jeep and rolls down a sand dune.
  • Bermann spins the wheel, and the jeep tumbles down the dune, followed by the next jeep.
  • Madox and Katharine drive of to get supplies to repair the broken vehicles and get medical attention for a man who is hurt.
  • But their Jeep is stuck in a rut—the Jeep is too heavy. Katharine offers to stay behind to reduce the weight of the vehicle.
  • At their makeshift camp, Katharine gives Almásy the small replicas she made of the cave paintings.
  • But he tells her he doesn't want them. Jerk.
  • She insists.
  • He refuses again, saying he only keeps a scrapbook, and her drawings are too good for it. Oh, maybe he's not a jerk after all.
  • She is still insulted that he won't take them, and she walks away.

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