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The English Patient Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • At night, Katharine sits on the dunes and smokes.
  • Almásy implores her to come into the shelter: a sandstorm is coming.
  • Everyone hides from the sandstorm inside the tipped-over jeeps.
  • Almásy and Katharine find themselves in the same jeep, and he assures them they'll be alright. She doesn't exactly believe him.
  • Almásy entertains Katharine by telling her about winds from around the world. We see him hosting a reality show: Wild World of Winds.
  • Oh, and while he's telling her about those winds he's stroking her hair.
  • In the morning, the jeep is almost entirely covered with sand.
  • Almásy runs outside the jeep and shoots a flare into the sky to attract the attention of Madox's jeep.
  • But Madox doesn't see it. And their tracks have disappeared.
  • Almásy tells Katharine that Madox will turn around. Then he asks Katharine to paste her drawings into his book.
  • That romantic moment is interrupted by the honking of a jeep's horn—the rest of the men are completely buried.
  • Katharine and Almásy grab shovels to dig them out.
  • They reach the door and pull the other men out.
  • Katharine explores Almásy's book while the men dig for their water canteens in the sand.
  • She finds some of Almásy's writings inside the book, and sees that he is writing about her. A lot.
  • Night falls, and Katharine tells Almásy the truth: that Geoffrey is working for the British government to map all of North Africa.
  • Almásy asks if the marriage is "a fiction," and Katharine denies it.
  • The shoot up another flare, and Madox rescues them.
  • Katharine asks if she is the "K" in Almásy's book, and he touches her face tenderly.
  • Bow chicka bow bow.

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