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The English Patient Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Back in the present, Kip reads to Almásy, while Hana makes food.
  • As an Indian man, Kip doesn't agree with anything Kipling has to say.
  • Hana doesn't like Kipling, because he only writes about men.
  • Almásy notes that Hana is crushing on Kip, but then he detours into another flashback.
  • He and Katharine arrive safely in Cairo after being stuck in the sandstorm.
  • Katharine invites Almásy into her hotel, but he declines. "Mrs. Clifton," he calls her. And he gets his book back form her. Burn.
  • Back in his own room, he lies face-down on the bed as someone knocks at his door.
  • He doesn't answer, so his visitor, Katharine, lets herself in.
  • Almásy rises to greet her, and she slaps him full-on across the face. Bam!
  • He embraces her, and the two kiss. She says he still has sand in his hair. He rips her dress off. Maybe he's just checking for sand?
  • Flash forward a bit, and Almásy is in the bathtub sewing her dress back together.
  • Katharine joins him in the tub and washes his hair.
  • It's going nice and all romantic like, until he tells her that when she leaves, she should forget him.
  • That moment is now. She gets out of the tub and leaves.

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