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The English Patient Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • Back in the present, Hana finds a picture of young Almásy in his book, along with notes he's taken.
  • It's one his notes about Katharine, which gets him flashbacking about her again.
  • He told her to forget him, yet he's trying to seduce her again. Mixed messages, dude.
  • This is during a Christmas party for soldiers in the desert, complete with a Santa Claus.
  • Katharine pretends to faint, so that she can sneak off and get it on with Almásy.
  • One of the ladies at the party thinks Katharine is pregnant, but she denies it.
  • In she goes, up to Almásy's room. We don't think he's going to help her cool off.
  • He undresses her as the men outside sing "Silent Night."
  • After their rendezvous, Santa asks Almásy if he's seen Katharine! (He should ask if they've been naughty or nice…)
  • Santa is Clifton, Katharine's husband, and he finds her resting in a dark corner.
  • He says he'll take her home, but she wants to go home-home, back to England.
  • That's not going to happen.
  • He kisses her, and he thinks she smells like marzipan. We're guessing that Almásy's sweat smells like almonds?

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