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The English Patient Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • In the present, Caravaggio wakes Almásy.
  • He is still trying to figure out if Almásy is who he thinks he is. He asks if the word "Moose" means anything. Who is he really, Bullwinkle?
  • Then for some reason, he asks Almásy what the traditional gift is for a first wedding anniversary. Is it paper?
  • This question prompts another patented Almásy flashback.
  • Or is this a Caravaggio flashback? In it, Clifton asks a man named Moose what the gift is for a first wedding anniversary—paper or cotton?
  • Moose enters… and it's Caravaggio. With thumbs.
  • Moose… Caravaggio… Caramoosio confirms the gift is paper.
  • Clifton is going to surprise Katharine with a gift, when he sees her getting into a car and going somewhere that is definitely not their place.
  • She's going to Almásy's bedroom, of course.
  • In bed, Almásy tells Katharine a folk story that turns out to be about him and Katharine.
  • She slaps him for being cheeky.
  • He tells Katharine he wants to claim one small part of her body— the little nook at the base of her neck. He will call it the Almásy Bosphorous.
  • She spends the night in his bed. Her husband is still waiting outside in the car for her to return.
  • The next day, she goes shopping with Almásy in the market and they secretly hold hands.
  • She returns home, and it doesn't seem like her husband has gotten out of the car yet.
  • This isn't going to be good.

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