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The English Patient Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Back in the present, Caramoosio is playing records.
  • Hana goes to visit Kip in the yard, conveniently while he's shirtless and washing his hair.
  • She brings him a cup of olive oil for his long hair.
  • Inside, Caramoosio and Almásy are still listening to music, which prompts a flashback but June 1942.
  • Sirens are going off. An officer tells Moose is needs to stay in Cairo.
  • The officer tells Moose that Madox was betrayed by his best friend: Almásy.
  • German soldiers ride into Cairo in tanks. Ships burn in the harbor.
  • Caramoosio is captured and interrogated. The German know he is a Canadian spy working for the allies. His name is actually David Caravaggio. Codename: Moose. Because he's Canadian. Maple Syrup was already taken as a codename.
  • It seems Caravaggio has been prisoner for a while.
  • He asks to see a doctor.
  • The German soldier wants information from Caravaggio so they can all go home.
  • The nurse is brought in, and the German tells Caravaggio he will cut off all his fingers.
  • He forces the nurse to cut off his thumbs. Yeesh.
  • Back in the present, Caravaggio has exposed his thumb stumps.
  • He tells Almásy that he killed the German who removed his thumbs. He killed the person who photographed him and exposed him as a spy.
  • But there was another man who led the Germans to Cairo, and Caravaggio wants to kill him next. Could that be Almásy?

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