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The English Patient Scene 19

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Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Hana is watching over Voldemort when he wakes up and tells her to get some sleep.
  • She leaves the room and finds a trail of burning candles, which lead her outside and to the barn, where Kip is waiting for her.
  • He takes her to the city on his motorbike, and he takes her to a building.
  • Inside the building, he puts a harness on her and raises her into the air to see the beautiful murals on the walls.
  • He lowers her to the ground and then…
  • We fade forward a bit to Hana and Kip lying naked in a bed together.
  • She asks what he would do if she didn't show up one night.
  • He says he wouldn't worry.
  • She wonders why he wouldn't come to find her. "That makes me never want to come here."
  • But then she says he spends all day searching (for landmines), and at night he wants to be found.
  • In the morning, Hardy, the sergeant, fetches him to disarm a bomb.
  • Hana doesn't want him to go. She's frightened, because of her curse.
  • At the aquaduct, Kip lowers himself down to where the bomb is to examine it.
  • As he is disarming it, Hana rides her bike to the city.
  • American soldiers ride by on tanks, celebrating.
  • The vibration of the tanks shakes the bomb and knocks Kip's tools into the water.
  • Kip's comrades try to stop the tanks, but they keep riding by.
  • Kip finds his wire cutters and cuts a wire just in time. Phew. The bomb is disarmed.
  • Hana and Kip join the Americans, who are celebrating because Germany has surrendered.

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