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The English Patient Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • Hello, nurse! A nurse tends to wounded soldiers on a train.
  • One of the soldiers wants a kiss from the nurse. He's cute, so she kisses him.
  • Next thing she knows, all the soldiers want a smooch.
  • Meanwhile, back in the desert, the pilot is dragged from the plane's wreckage by some local men on camels.
  • The poor pilot is quite the crispy critter, and someone covers his burned face with cloth and some burlap to protect what's left of his skin.
  • Onto the camel he goes, and the caravan of camels goes humping across the desert.
  • Back at the medical camp, a dying soldier wants to see someone from Picton, his Canadian hometown, before he dies.
  • The pretty nurse from before asks if the soldier knows Captain McGann, and the wounded boy says the captain is dead.
  • Before the nurse can react, the camp is hit with bombs.
  • The nurse collapses into the mud crying, "He's dead! He's dead!" We guess she knew him.

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