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The English Patient Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • That night, it storms.
  • Caravaggio, Kip, Hardy, and Hana carry Almásy into the rain so he can feel it.
  • They play records and have a dance party.
  • In the town, Hardy climbs a ladder and poses with a statue.
  • Back at the monastery, Kip hears an explosion, and he runs to his motorbike.
  • When he arrives in town, he sees there was a booby trap. The statue had a bomb on it.
  • Sergeant Hardy is dead.
  • Back at the monastery, Kip shuts himself in the barn and mourns alone.
  • Hana talks to him through the door, saying she's sorry for what happened.
  • But Kip won't answer her.
  • Later, Hana listens in as Almásy and Caravaggio talk again.
  • Caravaggio is leaving soon, to be an interpreter.
  • He tells the story of how he found Hana and Almásy at the monastery.
  • Caravaggio says he saw Almásy writing in his book in Cairo, "When I had thumbs and you had a face… and a name."
  • Then he accuses him of leading the Germans into British headquarters.
  • Almásy says he did it because he "had to get back to the desert."
  • Nothing else meant a thing to him.
  • Caravaggio tells him his actions had results—and holds up his thumb stumps.
  • And he says that thousands of people died. Plus, Madox shot himself when he found out Almásy was a spy.
  • Almásy is upset. He says he was never a spy! Time for another flashback: what does he spy with his little eyes?

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