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The English Patient Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Back in the present, Almásy says Katharine died because of him. Because he loved her. Because he had the wrong name.
  • But he did get back to the cave. Since the English think he's German anyway, he traded his expedition maps to German soldiers for a plane.
  • That's the plane he took to the desert, where Katharine was waiting in the cave.
  • Caravaggio says he planned to kill Almásy, but now he can't do it.
  • Outside, Kip tells Hana he's being transferred.
  • He is still very upset that his friend died.
  • Speaking of dead friends, Almásy flashes back to finding Katharine dead in the cave.
  • Hana comes into the bedroom, and Almásy isn't moving. Is he dead?
  • No, he's lost in thought.
  • But he tells Hana he will die soon.
  • A toot comes from outside. It's Kip on his motorbike.
  • He's leaving. Perhaps one day they'll meet again, at the church where he showed her the paintings. And he speeds away.
  • In the bedrooms, Hana prepares Almásy's morphine.
  • He knocks over the box of vials. Rude.
  • Then he slides them toward her. He wants her to end his life.
  • "Read me to sleep," he asks. And Hana weeps as she fills the syringe.

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