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The English Patient Scene 3

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Scene 3

Scene 3

  • The Arabs have put the burned man in a cave.
  • A medicine man comes in and unwraps the burned man, like you'd peel the plastic off a stick of beef jerky.
  • He rubs a soothing mud on the man's burned face…
  • And we fast forward to October 1944, in Italy.
  • Someone is interviewing the burned man, who looks less like Freddy Kruger now and more like Voldemort. Oh, hey Ralph Fiennes.
  • The burned man doesn't remember his past very well.
  • The pretty nurse from before offers him a sip of water.
  • He admires how pretty she is through the one eye that isn't swollen shut.
  • The burned man remembers a garden. He thinks he was married, and it was his wife's garden.
  • But he doesn't remember much else before he became "a bit of toast." Spread some marmalade on him, he's done.

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