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The English Patient Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • Back at the makeshift camp, Hana tends to our burned man. She's mad they have to keep moving him. He's dying and the move is hard on him. Hana is an A+ nurse.
  • Hana thinks she is cursed, because all her friends have died in the war.
  • She gives the burn victim some morphine, and then takes a hike to large monastery nearby.
  • The monastery has been hit with a bomb. Books are everywhere, and walls are destroyed.
  • But the bedroom is in good shape.
  • She doesn't want to keep moving the burn victim, so she'll move him to this safe place and stay with him until he dies.
  • She will catch up with her caravan when he dies.
  • Soldiers move the burn victim into the bed.
  • In another room, Hana gives herself a haircut. Then she gathers some books, not for reading, but to use as makeshift stairs in the broken staircase.
  • Sloppy Joe wants Hana to read to him, but all the books are in Italian. He's the English patient, after all.
  • But he has a book of Herodotus, so she'll read that to him.
  • She also feeds him some sweet plums from the orchard.
  • "It's a very plum plum," he says. He's a regular William Carlos Williams, isn't he?

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