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The English Patient Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Hana showers in a spigot outside.
  • Inside, the burned man flips through his book. There are pictures and drawings inside.
  • They prompt a flashback:
  • The burned man, who isn't burned in the flashback, is speaking in Arabic to a man in order to understand the lay of the land, and to sketch it in his notebook.
  • In the desert, a yellow plane lands. It's piloted by Geoffrey Clifton with his wife, Katharine.
  • Katharine is the sleeping woman from the plane's first scene—what happened to her after the plane was shot down?
  • All these men seem to be part of what they call the "International Sand Club." Anakin Skywalker would hate that club.
  • The men hang out in a tent and drink wine. Clifton introduces himself to the man who will later be called the English patient. We finally learn his name: Almásy.
  • Count Almásy to be precise. He meets Katharine, who has read his writing before, and she admires his lack of adjectives.
  • Out in the desert, Almásy complains to his buddy Madox about Clifton. He doesn't like him.
  • Madox and Almásy board a plane and fly out over the landscape.

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