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The English Patient Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Clifton's little yellow plane, the Rupert Bear, joins Almásy in the sky, and Almásy prompts Clifton to take photographs of the landscape.
  • Clifton shows off a bit. How? How else? He does a barrel roll.
  • And we're back in the present, where Almásy is burned to a crisp and being attended to by Hana.
  • Almásy wants to know why Hana wants to keep him alive.
  • "Because I'm a nurse," she says.
  • Even though she's an adult woman, there isn't much to do in the middle of nowhere, so she plays hopscotch on the cobblestones behind the monastery.
  • The sound of Hana hopping scotches outside reminds Almásy of a night spent around the fire with the members of the International Sand Club.
  • Back in the present, Hana reads to Almásy, and it's the same story that Katharine told the men around the fire in the past.
  • Almásy thinks of Katharine telling the story.
  • She looks at Almásy the whole time, and he seems to be enraptured by her.
  • Her husband interrupts the story with a joke, but Almásy doesn't laugh.
  • The story is about a queen who convinces an admirer to kill her husband. The lover does, and he becomes king.
  • Back in the present, it's late, and Almásy falls asleep.

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