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The English Patient Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Hana, feeling cursed, wanders into the garden to find the meager crops being destroyed by crows.
  • While dragging an iron cross to the garden, a man introduces himself at the gate: David Caravaggio.
  • He met a nurse friend of hers, and she advised him to check in on her.
  • He's actually from Montreal, like Hana is.
  • He brought her some eggs, but he drops one. He's all thumbs. Actually, he's no thumbs. They've both been cut off.
  • In the kitchen, Hana takes the remaining egg and whips it up.
  • When her back is turned, David steals two vials of morphine from a box on the table.
  • David asks if he can stay at the monastery. Maybe sleep in the stable. He is a thief, who was hired by the Allies to steal documents during the war.
  • Hana doesn't want him there, but she seems to relent because he sticks around.
  • She takes an omelet to Almásy, and she tells him about David… who is eavesdropping right outside the room. How suspicious.
  • He comes in and introduces himself, and Hana leaves Caravaggio with Almásy.
  • Caravaggio doesn't believe Almásy could forget his own name, mainly because Caravaggio knows who Almásy is.
  • "Count Almásy. That name mean anything to you? Or Katharine Clifton?" Whoa…

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