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The English Patient Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • After Caravaggio reveals Almásy's identity, we go into another flashback.
  • Katharine is walking through a marketplace in Cairo.
  • She's bought an afghan and Almásy tells her she's been cheated.
  • He tries to continue conversing with her, but she leaves him.
  • Later, all the men sit in a bar in their formal wear.
  • The men go outside to sit with Katharine, because women aren't allowed in the bar.
  • With Katharine now in the group, the men discuss that they're having trouble gathering funds for their expedition.
  • All the men say that they're married… except Almásy, who is single.
  • That night, there is a dance, and Almásy slow dances with Katharine while her husband looks on with jealousy in his eyes.
  • Katharine wants to know why Almásy followed her from the market to the hotel.
  • He said he felt obliged for her safety.
  • Then they dance and he looks at her intently. She looks back intently. He looks back intently. The whole thing is pretty hot, to be honest.

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