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The English Patient Love

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Pat Benatar and her army of ladies of the night told us that "Love is a battlefield"… but normal old love is nothing compared to the love that blooms on the battlefields of Europe and Northern Africa during World War II.

Almásy and Katharine. Hana and Kip. Caravaggio and his thumbs. Not all love stories have a happy ending.

Questions About Love

  1. Katharine mentions many different types of love: "Romantic love. Platonic love. Filial love." How is each type of love present in the film?
  2. Does Katharine love her husband, Geoffrey, even though she is having an affair? Is it possible for her to love each man differently?
  3. Why does Hana believe everyone she loves will die? Does this fear prevent her from loving?
  4. It's easy to see who/what Almásy, Katharine, and Kip love, but who/what does Caravaggio love?

Chew on This

In The English Patient, love can be just as destructive as war. Many people are hurt or killed because of Almásy and Katharine's love affair.

During World War II, feelings of love are heightened, because everyone knows they could lose the person they love in an instant.

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