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The Incredibles Costumes

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The clothes may make the person, but does the costume make the superhero? In The Incredibles, our heroes' relationship with their superheroic digs is an important thread that runs throughout the, we mean film.

After all, it's a huge moment when Mr. Incredible dons his old costume for the first time since the Superhero Relocation Program was enacted. But it's not all sunshine and roses. It actually highlights how long it's been since he's fought crime and how old he's become when he sees the fabric barely holds together to contain his now-ample gut. You into dad bods? You'll go wild for Bob Parr.

So it's quite significant when Bob gets a brand new, sleek costume, courtesy of Edna, former superhero fashion designer. But he doesn't just get one for himself: Edna secretly makes costumes for the whole fam, kids included. Though Bob didn't ask for this, it's a huge turning point, as it opens up the world of superheroes he's been desperately trying to rejoin to the entire family.

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