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The Incredibles Setting

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The Post-Superhero World

The world of The Incredibles isn't all that different from ours, with one little difference: superheroes. Yeah, no biggie.

A Comic Book Dreamland

We only see a tiny glimpse of the time when superheroes are still active, however. In the intro, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are at the top of their game, kicking copious bad guy booty and getting home in time for The Tonight Show. This world is your classic comic book wonderland, with outlandish villains, invincible heroes, and at least one bomb-obsessed mime.

Everything changes with the Superhero Relocation Program, a law passed after Mr. Incredible is hit with several lawsuits. This law forbids superheroes from using their powers and demands that they anonymously integrate back into society. Suddenly, without warning, this wonderous world of heroes and villains becomes...boring.

Waking Up

This is reflected in the settings where we find Bob and Helen after the Superhero Relocation Program is enacted. Their main stage is their suburban home, which reflects how family life has filled in the space where crime-fighting used to be. Bob also spends a lot of time working in that great cubicle maze known as an insurance agency. It's hard to think of a better setting to illustrate his fall from grace than that.

Syndrome's evil island lair is the one piece of the old superhero world still around. Complete with rocket pads, lava walls, and all sorts of other bad guy goodies, this thing looks like where Lex Luthor would chill if he was a Bond villain. Although it's obviously a nasty place, it actually invigorates Bob, reminding him of his past glories as Mr. Incredible. Now, if only the suit wasn't so snug these days...

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