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The Incredibles Music (Score)

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Music (Score)

The Super Sixties

Heavily inspired by 1960s spy thrillers and action movies, The Incredibles' soundtrack is the perfect boppy companion to its frenetic cartoon energy. So much so, in fact, that this sucker was nominated for a Grammy. Not too shabby at all.

The score was composed by Michael Giacchino, who would later go on to great success with films like Rogue One, Jurassic World, as well as several Pixar classics like Ratatouille and Coco. Quite a range, huh? Dude's got versatility. With The Incredibles, Giacchino turns his versatile approach towards '60s spy films like James Bond, reinventing that lounge-y, retro-future sound as the perfect companion to modern superhero mayhem.

The pulsing horns and driving bass of "Glory Days," perhaps the film's most recognizable theme, pushes things forward at a frenetic pace. On the other hand, "Bob Vs. The Omnidroid" uses the same base elements and instrumentation but flips them in a different direction, taking what was peppy and energetic and transforming them into dark and ominous. There's even the driving "Marital Rescue" which adds a tense and almost militaristic vibe to Helen's rescue of hubby Bob.

Despite this range of moods, however, The Incredibles remains consistent in its stylistic and orchestral techniques, creating a soundtrack that manages to be both cohesive and expressive at the same time.

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