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The Incredibles Mirage (Elizabeth Peña)

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Mirage (Elizabeth Peña)

Mirage might be tough, but she makes one big mistake: becoming a super villain's sidekick. That gig doesn't usually have great job security.

What's ironic about this is that Mirage does most of the heavy lifting for Syndrome, as hench-ladies are prone to do (sup, Harley). After all, it's Mirage who discovers Mr. Incredible's secret identity. It's Mirage who tricks him into coming to Syndrome's lair. And it's Mirage who does the dirty work of dealing with Mr. Incredible once he's on the island.

Behind every great man, right?

Everything changes after Mr. Incredible restrains her and threatens to kill her unless Syndrome lets him free. That'd be traumatic on its own, but Syndrome's response? A bellowing meh.

Mr. Incredible doesn't murder Mirage in cold blood, of course, but the damage is done. Check it:

MIRAGE: Valuing life is not weakness.


SYNDROME: I called his bluff, sweetheart, that's all. I knew he wouldn't have it in him to actually-

MIRAGE: Next time you gamble, bet your own life.

Betrayed by her boss, Mirage switches to the good guy team, not only freeing Mr. Incredible, but helping the family escape the island and save the world. Talk about a complete 180. Hopefully, Mirage applies her prodigious talents to good from now on, rather than helping some other wack super villain live out his The Most Dangerous Game fantasy.

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