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The Incredibles Summary

The Incredibles Summary

It's the era of the superhero.

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are two of the top crime fighters in the game, and, even better, they're about to be married. Cue wedding bells.

While on his way to the wedding, Mr. Incredible is forced to deal with typical superhero stuff. You know: thieves, bank robbers, bomb-loving mimes. The usual. A young fanboy named Buddy Pine shows up in the midst of this confrontation, demanding that he become Mr. Incredible's sidekick. Mr. Incredible refuses, of course, but not before accidentally derailing a train.

He saves the passengers, but they sue him anyway—as does an attempted suicide victim who he saved during that whole ordeal. (For real.) In response, the government enacts the Superhero Relocation Program, which bans heroes from using their powers and demands that they anonymously rejoin society.

So Mr. Incredible is now Bob Parr, and Elastigirl is Helen Parr. They have three kids: Violet, who can turn invisible; Dash, who has super speed; and Jack-Jack, who…doesn't have any powers except being a baby. Bob works at an insurance agency and to put it frankly, he's pretty miserable.

Bob pines for his former life as a superhero. His way of coping? Going out on late-night, crime-fighting runs with a former superhero pal—which does not go unnoticed by Helen. She's furious that Bob is reliving his glory days at the expense of his family.

One day, Bob gets so frustrated with his job that he throws his boss through several walls with his super strength. (Bet the guy didn't see that coming.) So does he get arrested for assault? Nah. He's fired, of course, but the government lets him off the hook. He doesn't tell Helen any of this, either.

When he returns home that night, he finds a strange tablet in his bag that plays a video of a tantalizing offer from a woman named Mirage. She wants him to become Mr. Incredible again to stop a rogue robot from destroying a secret government facility. His dream come true, Bob tells Helen that he's going to an insurance conference and heads to the mysterious island, where he easily defeats the robot, dubbed the Omnidroid.

Bob is revitalized when he returns home. He works out a bunch and even gets himself a sports car. In other words…he has a midlife crisis. Helen grows suspicious with all the change in attitude and wheels—not suspicious that he's secretly moonlighting as a superhero, but that he's having an affair. Whoopsie.

She knows something is up when he heads off to another "conference." In reality, Bob is heading back to the mysterious island for another job, where Mirage promises he will now meet the benefactor behind his missions.

That benefactor is revealed to be a super villain named Syndrome…once known as Buddy Pine. Broken-hearted by Mr. Incredible's rejection way back when, Buddy turned his prodigious intellect to evil, building the Omnidroid and using it to kill a bunch of former superheroes. He plans on releasing the Omnidroid into a city after defeating Mr. Incredible, then stopping the robot himself and pretending to be a hero.

While Mr. Incredible is held prisoner by Syndrome, Helen (who's now figured out what's really going on with her hubby) leaps into action. She contacts Edna, former superhero costume designer, and learns that she recently made a new costume for Bob at his request. Conveniently, Edna decided to make costumes for the whole family. Dressed in her sleek new suit, Helen tracks Bob's location with a homing beacon embedded in his costume before hopping onto a jet to rescue her man.

Unbeknownst to her, there are two stowaways aboard: Dash and Violet. She doesn't have much of a chance to get angry, however, because the jet is shot down out of the sky by Syndrome. Bob hears this happen over the radio and assumes that his family is dead.

But they're not. (Obviously; what kind of depressing and short movie would that be?)

They managed to survive the crash and have snuck onto Syndrome's island. There, Helen heads into the belly of the beast to save Bob, while the kids are instructed to stay behind and lay low.

Long story short, Helen rescues Bob—but not before Syndrome launches the Omnidroid into civilization. With the fearsome robot wreaking havoc in New York City, and Syndrome handily bested by his own creation and unable to stop it as planned, the family rushes back to save the day.

With the family now working as a team, the Omnidroid is no big deal at all. They take the robo-moster out and return home to check up on Jack-Jack, assuming that the day has been successfully saved.

But wait; there's more.

The Parrs get home only to discover that Syndrome is in the process of kidnapping Jack-Jack. They're even more shocked when Jack-Jack doesn't really need saving—the little dude transforms into a bunch of strange and fearsome forms, revealing himself to have ample superpowers and causing Syndrome to drop him. Syndrome is killed in the ensuing chaos and the day is saved once again.

For real this time.

With their adventure behind them, the Parr family is closer than ever. Bob and Helen have rediscovered their spark; Dash is now allowed to play sports despite his super speed; and Violet now has the confidence to approach her crush. So, the family seems happy and content as they exit one of Dash's track meets…

...only to be met by a new super villain: the suspiciously mole-like Underminer. Before you have the chance to say "incredible," the family already has their costumes on, showing that this superhero team-up was no one time lark. See you at the sequel, folks.

  • Scenes 1-5

    Scenes 1-5

    Scene 1

    • We open on an old, grainy video interview with a young superhero named Mr. Incredible. Hunk alert.
    • The video cuts to another heroic interview subject: Elastigirl. Golly gee, what in the name of Krypton could her power be?
    • On to interviewee number three: Frozone. Frozone looks like an extra from Tron on Ice. We're into it.
    • All three talk about their struggles living life as a superhero. Yeah, having laser eyes must be so difficult.
    • With that, the opening title card hits, and we're ready to rock and roll with The Incredibles.

    Scene 2

    • A group of criminals are racing down the street with the cops in hot pursuit.
    • We cut to an awfully familiar tuxedo-clad man driving elsewhere in the city, listening to a news broadcast describe the chase.
    • He presses some doodads and doohickies and suddenly his dashboard opens to reveal a secret radar system, which he uses to track the police's pursuit of the criminals.
    • Another doodad is pressed and the car automatically shoots a costume on the driver, revealing him to be none other than Mr. Incredible. We're sure you're shocked.
    • His car transforms into the Incredible-Mobile as the superhero rushes over to the incident at top speed.
    • Suddenly, he stops: an old lady needs help getting her cat out of a tree. Priorities.
    • His technique? Pulling the tree out of the ground and shaking it until the cat falls out. Seems like overkill, but hey—maybe that's just us.
    • It actually turns out to be pretty smart, 'cause just then the criminals drive by, and Mr. Incredible smashes their car with the trunk. Easy peasy.
    • Mr. Incredible has no time to soak up the adulation, however—there's a tour bus robbery in process nearby. He rushes back to his car.
    • To his surprise, there's someone in the passenger seat: a goofy looking kid wearing a homemade Mr. Incredible costume.
    • The kid—who refers to himself as Incrediboy—wants to be Mr. Incredible's sidekick. Mr. Incredible recognizes him as Buddy, an especially pushy member of his fan club.
    • Mr. Incredible tosses Buddy out of the sunroof as he rushes off. Rude.
    • He tracks a criminal to the top of a building, but the guy pulls a gun. The horror. We're sure this Superman is shaking in his boots.
    • Suddenly, the criminal is punched clean unconscious by an especially long and stretchy fist. You might even call it...elastic.
    • Yeah—it's Elastigirl.
    • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl argue over who's the better crime-fighter, but it's clear that there's some flirtatious energy between these two.
    • Mr. Incredible must notice too, because he asks Elastigirl out on a date later that night. Her response? Nah. Busy.
    • Our amply shaded superhero handcuffs the baddie to the side of the building to await the police. While he's doing so, he spots his pal Frozone, who hints at an important event later that night. Wonder what it is...
    • Before we can find out, Mr. Incredible's attention is yanked away by the sound of a horrified crowd. He rushes over without thinking. That's what you call a Pavlovian Response, folks.
    • This isn't good: someone is in the process of jumping off a giant building. Luckily, Mr. Incredible leaps into action, catching the man halfway through the fall and sending them both tumbling through a window.
    • They end up inside the Municiberg Bank, which is eerie and quiet in its after-hours darkness. Suddenly, there's an explosion from one of the vaults, sending Mr. Incredible toppling over.
    • From the smoke emerges...a bomb-clad mime. Real intimidating.
    • Before the crime-fighting can begin, however, another new arrival enters the fray: Incrediboy. This kid, again?
    • Buddy has a cool pair of jet boots, but he utterly fails to convince Mr. Incredible to take him on as a sidekick.
    • He goes to leave, but the mime attaches a bomb to his cape. That's not good.
    • Mr. Incredible grabs hold of Buddy as he rocket-jumps through the city. (Did we mention the kid's wearing boots with rockets in the soles? They're like the awesome rocket-version of Heelys.) Thankfully, Mr. Incredible pulls the bomb off the kid at the last second.
    • Unthankfully, the bomb blows a hole in a nearby train track. Mr. Incredible comes to the rescue once again, narrowly stopping the train before it careens into the ground.
    • At the end of the night, Mr. Incredible sends Buddy home with the cops, demanding that they tell his mom what he's been up to. You're grounded, kid.
    • But Mr. Incredible can't hang out to help capture that miserly mime, though—he has something important to do tonight. Again with the hinting. We're drooling with anticipation.
    • He pulls up to a…church? Weird.
    • Mr. Incredible walks inside wearing a tux, though still donning his mask. His buddy (who looks suspiciously like Frozone) pulls it off before he enters the main chamber.
    • It's a wedding, ya'll. Robert Parr (Mr. Incredible's alter ego) is about to get married to none other than Elastigirl. That explains so much.
    • Elastigirl is ticked that Bob is late to his own wedding, but the two kiss and make their bond official.
    • Seems like everything is about to be great.

    Scene 3

    • …everything is not great. 
    • Newspaper headlines spin out to reveal how things gone sour for Mr. Incredible.  
    • For one, he's being sued by the guy he saved from killing himself, who claims that it was wrong to prevent him from fulfilling his desire. 
    • He also gets sued by those train passengers he saved because of their injuries. Some thanks, eh? 
    • This leads to a whole bunch of copy-cat lawsuits against superheroes all over, forcing the government to step in. They create the "Superhero Relocation Program," which grants amnesty to superheroes with the promise that they'll go into hiding and never use their powers again.

    Scene 4

    • A red stamp reading "DENIED" gets slapped down on a piece of paper, leaving a poor old lady looking very sad. Her insurance claim was rejected.
    • (It's 15 years later, by the way.)
    • The stamper is revealed to be none other than a very bored looking Mr. Incredible, not in costume, but wearing a short sleeve shirt and tie. How the mighty have fallen.
    • He gets a call from his wife Helen, the former Elastigirl, as she cleans their baby in the sink.
    • She announces that they've officially unpacked everything, which is weird 'cause they've lived at the same place for three years. Slow movers, these two.
    • Back at the office, the old lady is devastated that her claim has been rejected. Bob looks around nervously before giving her a long list of esoteric directions to getting her claim accepted. This is clearly against the rules.
    • His satisfaction at helping the woman doesn't last long, because his boss (who seems to be roughly two feet tall) barges into his cubicle without warning.
    • Mr. Huph, the boss, is furious that Bob has been accepting insurance claims, presumably because he's provided this sort of under-the-table assistance before.

    Scene 5

    • Meanwhile, Mrs. Parr (a.k.a. Mrs. Incredible, a.k.a. Helen) arrives at an elementary school principal's office. That's never good.
    • Her son, Dash, is in trouble for disrupting in class and, namely, leaving thumb tacks on the teacher's chair. The teacher claims to have video evidence that proves it.
    • He plays the video and…nothing really happens. You can't see Dash doing anything. Just sort of moving slightly in his chair.
    • Given the evidence, the principle lets Dash go home without trouble. We have a feeling that Dash got away with something, however. Mom looks a little mad at him, and apparently this isn't the first time that this sort of thing has happened.
    • On the drive home, Dash claims that he would be a better student if he was allowed to play sports, but his mom says that this is a no-go due to the whole superpower ban.
    • So he must have superpowers, eh? Seems like it could be super speed.
  • Scenes 6-10

    Scenes 6-10

    Scene 6

    • We cut to the exterior of Western View Junior High.
    • A nervous looking Goth girl is standing outside the building when the bell rings, which makes her look even more nervous.
    • Tony, a black-turtleneck-adorned hunk, emerges from the building. Well that explains the nervousness.
    • As Tony approaches the girl, however, she disappears. Like, uh, turns invisible. Literally.
    • Her ride arrives: it's Momma Incredible and Dash. She—Violet—must be part of the fam.

    Scene 7

    • Bob looks depressed when he arrives home. Ever heard of self-care, buddy?
    • He even reads the newspaper in the middle of dinner. That's not exactly the kind of dinnertime conversation engagement that we like to have.
    • Helen makes Dash come clean about his visit to the principal's office, but Bob just seems excited about how quickly Dash must have been moving to dodge the camera.
    • He gets so excited, in fact, that he accidentally breaks the table while cutting his food. Ikea furniture will do that.
    • So he storms off angrily, leaving poor Helen alone with the kids—who are now arguing, of course. (Teens, arewerite?)
    • The kids bust out their superpowers and before you know it they're brawling, with Dash, uh, dashing around, and Violet turning invisible and creating force fields like it's no one's business.
    • Elsewhere, Bob is still reading the newspaper. He notices with a start that Simon Paladino, a superhero rights advocate, has been reported missing.
    • Just as he returns to the table to break up the fight, there's ring at the door. It's Lucius, the former Frozone.
    • Lucius and Bob get ready to leave. It's Wednesday. Bowling night, y'all.
    • Helen is as pleased as you can imagine. That is to say: not at all.
    • Violet is upset. Nobody in this family is normal, she claims, except Jack-Jack the baby, who's the only one who doesn't have superpowers. That little brat.

    Scene 8

    • Pulled over on the side of the road, Lucius and Bob trade stories about their former exploits as superheroes. Yeah, these guys are in full midlife crisis mode.
    • Their reminiscing is interrupted by news over the police scanner: a robbery is underway. Bob wants to go fight some crime, but Lucius scoffs. He'd rather be bowling for real.
    • Unbeknownst to them, they're being watching from across the street by a strange lady with ice white hair.
    • Apparently, Bob and Lucius do this "fake-bowling-but-actually-crime-fighting" deal every week, and Lucius is tired of it.
    • Lucius compares Bob to an old superhero buddy of theirs named Gazerbeam who couldn't adjust to civilian life. Gazerbeam, Bob notes, is Simon Paladino—the guy who just went missing.
    • Suddenly, another report comes over the radio: a fire. With Lucius unable to hold Bob back any longer, they drive off, tailed closely by their silver-haired stalker.
    • Donning ski masks, the two men rush inside the burning building and save a bundle of civvies. Talk about a job well done.
    • Unfortunately, their escape lands them smack dab in the middle of a jewelry store. And the cops have just arrived. Oh great.
    • Thinking that the two men are thieves, one cop enters the store, gun in hand. Luckily, Lucius manages to freeze him in place (literally) to help them make their escape.
    • That sure won't look suspicious.
    • The two men return to the car and drive away, with the silver-haired stalker looking on.

    Scene 9

    • Bob creeps inside the house, but Helen is waiting for him on the couch. And she is ticked.
    • She knows what he's been doing, and can't believe that Bob is risking the family's security to relive his glory days. He needs to think about them, she says.
    • For instance, Bob is refusing to go to Dash's "graduation ceremony." Sure, he's only "graduating" from the fourth to the fifth grade, but that's no excuse not to be there for your kid.
    • They hear footsteps and realize that both kids have been listening the whole time. Bob and Helen try to act like everything's gravy, but it's clear that these issues are simmering like slow-cooked pulled pork.
    • Can you tell we're hungry?
    • Helen sleeps on the couch that night. For real, Bob? You're not gonna give her the bed?
    • Not very super of you, pal.

    Scene 10

    • Bob is back at work looking as depressed and bored as ever.
    • Mr. Huph calls him to his office. We're sure this is gonna go well.
    • As Bob leaves his cubicle, a familiar silver-haired visitor creeps inside to poke around. Uh oh.
    • Huph is—and we quote—"not happy." He's deduced that Bob's been helping his customers get their claims accepted (the nerve!) and that does not make Mr. Huph pleased.
    • Just then, Bob looks out the window and sees a man being mugged. He gets up to save the day, but Huph threatens to fire him if he leaves the room.
    • So Bob stays.
    • He does, however, grab Huph in a chokehold and throws him clean through a wall (or, er, several walls) and into the main office. That'll leave a mark.
    • Mr. Huph ends up in the hospital with seemingly every bone in his body broken.
    • Mr. Incredible is sitting outside, but gets up when a suited man emerges from the room.
    • The guy's name is Rick. Rick is a government agent who oversees superhero relations, and it seems like he and Bob have been through this rodeo many times before.
    • When this has happened in the past, the government relocated Bob and the family. Not this time. Now, the Incredibles are on their own.
  • Scenes 11-15

    Scenes 11-15

    Scene 11

    • Even more depressed than usual, Bob returns home and goes straight to his office, which is adorned with memorabilia from his glory days.
    • As he clears out his briefcase, an unfamiliar tablet falls out. What's this?
    • He turns it on and is met with a message telling him to "Hold Still."
    • The tablet scans his face and announces that it's found a match for "Mr. Incredible." Bob throws the tablet to the floor startled, but the computer continues scanning the room.
    • A message plays over the tablet: it's the silver-haired lady. She introduces herself as Mirage.
    • She claims to work for a top-secret division of the government. A disaster happened at a testing facility recently, and they need his help. For a hefty reward, of course.
    • She gives him a number and tells him to call her within a day.
    • Bob is excited and confused. Confu-cited? Ex-fused? Eh, not our best swing at bat.
    • The tablet self-destructs, as all good top-secret missions do, sending sprinklers off in the entire house.
    • As Bob dries the family's belongings, Helen makes peace with her super-heroic hubby, telling him that she appreciates how hard he works for the family.
    • About that hard work, Bob says. Uh...He's going to a big conference soon. Yeah, that's the ticket.
    • Later that evening, Bob calls Mirage. He wants in.

    Scene 12

    • A blue jet streaks across the sky. Inside, Mirage is giving Bob (now suited up as Mr. Incredible) the 4-1-1 on his mission.
    • Apparently, the aforementioned disaster was caused when a prototype battle robot called the Omnidroid 9000 went rogue.
    • Its AI went crazy and it's now laid waste to the secret government testing facility, which is located on a remote island.
    • Mr. Incredible's job is not to destroy the Omnidroid, but to shut it off without causing significant damage so it can be reused. Gotta be responsible with that taxpayer cash.
    • Mr. Incredible is dropped to the island, where he struggles to squeeze his amply sized gut out of the escape pod. Dude's not quite in superhero shape.
    • After exploring the island for some time, Mr. Incredible finds the Omnidroid. They start battling and Mr. Incredible immediately seems outmatched by his robotic foe.
    • The Omnidroid chases Mr. Incredible into a rocky crevice and begins chucking rocks at him. To escape, Mr, Incredible dives into an underground cave, which is conveniently dotted with pools of lava.
    • Mr. Incredible throws the Omnidroid into the lava, but it emerges unscathed, if not a bit angry.
    • Somehow, Mr. Incredible manages to crawl inside the droid itself, confusing it into destroying its own robotic brain.
    • This is being watched remotely by Mirage and a mysterious, shadowy figure. The shadowed figure tells Mirage that he wants to bring Mr. Incredible back for another round.
    • Oh yeah, he continues, and don't forget to invite him to dinner.
    • The dinner is in a giant chamber, complete with lava walls. This seems more like a super villain sanctuary than a government facility.
    • The mysterious figure doesn't show, so Mr. Incredible and Mirage dine alone. Romantic. What would Helen think?

    Scene 13

    • Bob is a new man when he returns home. He and Helen are as lovey-dovey as teenagers, and for the first time the dude is an actually attentive father.
    • The family also has a lot fancier of cars now, thanks to Bob's new gig.
    • Instead of going off to work every day, Bob dedicates his days to superhero training. No more oversized gut for Bobby boy. It's time to get swole.

    Scene 14

    • After noticing that his costume is torn, Bob heads off to "work," but instead of an insurance office, he arrives at a giant mansion, complete with a laser fence and professional guards.
    • Bob is allowed inside, where he meets the home's owner—a tiny woman with a ridiculous accent. She seems to be a fashion designer based on how they're talking.
    • Edna, it turns out, used to make costumes for the world's superheroes. Now she deals with supermodels. We don't know which is cooler.
    • Bob shows her the torn costume, but she refuses to mend it—that thing is ugly. She wants to make him a brand new suit.
    • Psyched, Bob asks if she can include a sweet cape with the new digs. No way, says Edna. Capes are a serious safety hazard.
    • Still trying to pretend that he isn't actively superhero-ing, Bob asks Edna if she can still fix the old suit while she designs a new one. She agrees.

    Scene 15

    • Helen is doing laundry back home when she notices a strange thread on one of Bob's jackets. Maybe even...a lock of silver hair?
    • The phone rings, and Bob shouts across the house that he'll answer it. Now suspicious, Helen picks up the receiver and quietly listens in.
    • Bob is talking to Mirage about meeting up the following day for a new job, but from Helen's perspective it sounds an awful lot like Bobby Boy is fooling around on her.
    • Helen confronts Bob in his office, though she doesn't reveal that she was listening to his conversation. He tells her that he has another conference coming up.
    • He leaves the next morning. Though she now knows that her husband is lying to her, Helen doesn't say a thing.
  • Scenes 16-20

    Scenes 16-20

    Scene 16

    • Bob is enjoying a tasty shrimp cocktail as he flies back to the mysterious island.
    • He's wearing his brand new red suit, courtesy of Edna. (No cape.) Pretty sharp.
    • The plane pulls double duty as a sub, diving under the water as it approaches the island and pulling up into a secret underwater cave entrance.
    • Mirage is waiting. The two ride a Disney World-esque monorail system through the island and into the core of the volcano at its center.
    • Bob has his own room, and it's basically a luxury hotel. Sweet deal.
    • Back home, Helen is...vacuuming. Yeah. Less sweet.
    • As she cleans Bob's office, she stumbles across his costume and notices the tear that was recently mended. And she knows that there's only one person skilled enough to sew that thread: Edna.
    • Helen calls Edna, who excitedly tells the confused former-superheroine about her brand new costume. Huh? Wanting to figure out what the heck is going on, Helen agrees to meet Edna.
    • Meanwhile, Bob enters a conference room to meet his mysterious benefactor, but the room is empty.
    • Suddenly, one of the walls pulls back to reveal...the Omnidroid 9000.
    • Someone is talking over the droid's intercom about how it's become bigger, stronger, and faster. Exactly what Incredi-Bob wants to hear right now.
    • Just as the droid is about to remove Mr. Incredible's head from his body, a masked figure flies up and lands on the giant robot, deactivating it. Who's this clown?
    • This Ginger Goku-looking fool talks aimlessly about how he prepared the droid to take on Mr. Incredible by first training it on other superheroes.
    • After Mr. Incredible handily defeated it the first time, however, he decided to go all out.
    • What's all this about? The orange-haired weirdo then tells Mr. Incredible that he's his "biggest fan."
    • With a start, Mr. Incredible realizes that this is Buddy, now older. Buddy, in case you forgot, was that kid who wanted to be Incrediboy at the beginning of the movie.
    • Nah, says the baddie, I'm not Buddy anymore. After Mr. Incredible destroyed his dream, he dedicated himself to evil instead of good.
    • Namely, by building weapons he plans to sell to all sorts of evil despots and dictators. A real winner, this one.
    • Mr. Incredible goes on the attack, but Buddy shoots him with a laser that freezes him in place, and allows Buddy to toss him around.
    • And toss him around he does. After announcing his totally cool bad guy name, the newly christened Syndrome accidentally tosses Mr. Incredible halfway across the island.
    • Mr. Incredible lands at the edge of a waterfall, with Syndrome in hot pursuit. Miraculously, Incredible leap down into the raging waters below before Syndrome can reach him.
    • Syndrome activates a small device and drops it into the water. Uh oh. You don't have to be rocket scientists to figure out that this sucker is a bomb.
    • Mr. Incredible narrowly avoids the blast, though it shoots him into a small, dark cave.
    • In the corner of the cave he sees a horrifying sight: a corpse in a superhero costume. As he gets closer, he realizes that it's his old friend Gazerbeam. Poor buddy.
    • Even more mysterious is a message etched into the wall across from Gazerbeam: the word "KRONOS." That's real descriptive, dead guy. Thanks a lot.
    • Suddenly, a drone enters the cave and starts scanning—presumably for Mr. Incredible—but he hides behind his friend's corpse to evade detection. Thanks pal.

    Scene 17

    • While Bob is brawling with the ultimate BattleBot, Edna is leading Helen through her mansion.
    • As it turns out, Edna made costumes for the whole family—including baby Jack-Jack.
    • She made one for Dash that's custom-designed to reduce chafing at high speeds. That'll reduce the monthly baby powder budget.
    • For Violet, Edna designed a suit that will turn invisible when she does. Now that's convenient.
    • Finally, Edna designed a suit for Helen that is both indestructible and flexible enough to stretch as far as she can.
    • As a bonus, each suit is loaded with a homing device, allowing the family to keep tabs on each other at all times. Well, as long as they aren't naked, that is.
    • Helen, though impressed, is upset that Bob has been getting into this nonsense despite "retiring" as a superhero. For her part, Edna just assumed that Helen knew what was up.

    Scene 18

    • Back on the evil island, Mr. Incredible has escaped the cave. He spots two baddies driving a monorail and promptly hijacks it.
    • Uh-oh—there's a checkpoint ahead. Mr. Incredible solves the problem by literally throwing the monorail at the bad guys. Not subtle, but it works.
    • He creeps closer and closer to Syndrome's hideout, taking out the guards as he approaches. Give him a cardboard box and call him Solid Snake, 'cause our boy can sneak.
    • Mr. Incredible distracts the remaining guards and sneaks inside without being detected.
    • There are patrolling guards everywhere. Creeping deeper into the facility, Mr. Incredible enters a rocky, volcanic area that we recognize from his arrival on the island.
    • Just as Bob is about to pass through one of the lava barriers, however, Mirage enters the room. Yikes. He avoids her gaze and hustles through the gap before it closes.
    • He ends up in a dark room, with a single spotlight shining on a seat in the center. It's some sort of...desk?
    • As soon as Mr. Incredible sits down, the room's massive walls light up: this entire room is a big computer screen. And it's asking Mr. Incredible for a password. What could it be?
    • The answer is "Kronos," which is what Gazerbeam etched into the walls of his death cave.
    • Mr. Incredible starts poking around the super PC in the hopes of finding something useful.
    • While this is going down, Helen is calling the insurance agency to find out where Bob is. The receptionist drops the bomb: Bob was fired months ago.
    • We cut back to Bob, who's clicking on a menu labeled "Supers." It shows a long list of superheroes who were killed on the island, detailing how their battles were used to improve the design of the Omnidroid.
    • At the same time, Edna is giving Helen the tracking device she made for the suits. Dang—why didn't they try this, like, hours ago?
    • On a whim, Mr. Incredible looks up Elastigirl (that's Helen) in the system. Luckily, her location is unknown. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about Frozone. That dude's in the crosshairs.
    • He learns that his own "death" led to the creation of the final version of the Omnidroid.
    • The droid will be launched from the island on a rocket to the mainland, where it will lay waste to an unnamed city. Oh yeah—and it'll launch in 8 hours.
    • You really should've gone with two-factor authentication, Syndrome.
    • Back at Edna's abode, Helen activates the tracking beacon, tracing Bob to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. Weird place for an insurance conference, huh?
    • Unfortunately, that beacon also activates a siren on Mr. Incredible's suit, which comes at about the worst possible moment for him.
    • The facility's defense systems activate, blasting Mr. Incredible with black globs of expanding goop that hold him in place.
    • The last thing he sees before passing out is Mirage's approach.

    Scene 19

    • Meanwhile, Helen is crying up a storm in Edna's kitchen. She's convinced that Bob's cheating on her.
    • Edna is aghast at Helen's attitude. She's Elastigirl, for Logan's sake. She needs to go get her man.
    • So Helen decides to go. She leaves Violet in charge of the younger kids, though she's vague on the details.
    • The kids barge into her bedroom as she's packing, however, and they're loving the look of their new costumes. They grab hold of them while Helen's distracted by a phone call.
    • Helen kicks the kids out of the room while she talks to her friend, who she refers to as "Snug." She wants a jet.
    • Meanwhile, the kids quickly realize the special abilities of their suits. Oh great.

    Scene 20

    • Helen is piloting a jet towards the island. As she approaches, she tries to contact the local radio tower, but no one responds.
    • She gets nervous and eyes her costume.
    • Finally, she gives in, putting the plane in autopilot and sneaking off into the bathroom to slip into something a little more...heroic.
    • As she flies, Bob is locked in a giant futuristic contraption, bound by his hands and feet by cords of electricity. Fancy.
    • Syndrome approaches and gives a classic bad guy speech. He's impressed that Mr. Incredible was able to escape the OmniDroid, but finds it cowardly that the guy sent out a homing signal.
    • Mr. Incredible doesn't know what Syndrome is talking about, which earns him a hefty shock of electricity.
    • Then the baddie plays the recording of Helen calling the radio tower and Bob starts freaking.
    • On the plane, Helen emerges from the bathroom and tosses her bag on a chair. And the chair...yelps?
    • With a start, Helen realizes that Violet snuck on the plane with her new invisibility suit.
    • Violet blames Dash, but the little rapscallion pops out of a corner and starts denying his own culpability,
    • And where's Jack-Jack? Home alone? No way. The kids called a local teenager named Kari to be his babysitter.
    • Helen isn't into this, but she doesn't have time to debate—two homing missiles are heading directly towards the plane.
    • She dodges their first pass by diving through the clouds, but more keep coming.
    • Helen shouts back to Violet to put a force field around the plane. There are too many missiles, and they can't dodge them all.
    • Violet struggles, but just can't do it. As the missiles hit the ship, Helen stretches her body around the children to protect them from the blast, transforming into a parachute as they fall.
    • They land in the water. Thankfully, everyone has survived—but they have no idea what they're going to do now.
    • Bob, who's heard this whole thing happen over the radio, is devastated—he believes that his entire family was just murdered in cold blood.
    • Syndrome laughs in his face, and we can see rage boiling behind Bob's eyes.
    • Bob overpowers his shackles momentarily and reaches out to grab Syndrome, but Mirage dives in front of him at the last moment.
    • Bob grabs Mirage instead and threatens to kill her. Syndrome doesn't flinch, and—of course—Bob doesn't go through with it. He releases her.
    • Mirage, on the other hand, seems shaken by the whole encounter.
    • Meanwhile, Helen uses the path of the missiles to track the location of the island. So are they gonna swim there?
    • Nah—it's way better. Helen stretches herself into the shape of a boat and Dash uses his super-fast feet as a motor. It's one of those things you have to see to truly appreciate.
  • Scenes 21-25

    Scenes 21-25

    Scene 21

    • It's night on the island, and the family has just made it to land. Helen and Dash are so exhausted they can hardly make it up the beach.
    • They find a cave and make a fire. Helen gives the kids their masks and tells them to sit tight—she's going to look for their dad. And if anyone shows up, they better use their powers.
    • Violet runs after Helen as she leaves, profusely apologizing for failing to protect the plane with her force field. Helen forgives her, but promises Violet that she's more powerful than she thinks.

    Scene 22

    • At Big Baddie Base, Syndrome is admiring the rocket that will send the new and improved Omnidroid out to do its city-destroying business.
    • Mirage is pissed at Syndrome for the whole "willing-to-let-her-die" deal. She storms off.
    • Outside, Helen spots a monorail passing by overhead. She grabs hold with one stretchy arm and enjoys a hitchhike to Syndrome HQ.
    • As she enters the building, she sees the same rocket that Syndrome was just admiring. She hops off and takes a look.
    • Helen sneaks about, and thanks to her stretchy powers, she's pretty darn good at it.
    • That is, until her stretched-out frame gets caught in a series of doors, leaving her stuck beside two approaching guards.
    • She takes them out lickety-split, but it isn't long before a whole group of soldiers have approached her.
    • They all meet Helen's stretchy fists and feet, and the superheroine is finally able to free herself.
    • Back at the cave, Violet is trying and failing to create tiny force fields. Poor girl.
    • Dash suddenly announces that he's going to explore the cave, much to his older sister's chagrin.
    • Meanwhile, the Omnidroid is being loaded into the rocket. This sucker is about to blast off.
    • As Dash goes deeper into the cave, the rockface transitions into the sleek concrete that we recognize from Syndrome's base. Weird.
    • At that very moment, Syndrome gives the order for launch, and the rocket starts firing up.
    • Coincidentally, Dash sees an explosion of flames ahead of him in the concrete tunnel. Uh-oh. The rocket's afterburners must be blasting down here.
    • He rushes back and grabs Violet as he runs out. Outside the cave, they watch fearfully as the rocket blasts off from the top of the volcano.
    • Meanwhile, Mommy Dearest has snuck into the control center of the facility. She notices a computer readout of a prison cell that's sapping up an absurd amount of energy.
    • That must be Bob.
    • The rocket has now reached outer space. It releases its payload—a small jet—which is flying directly towards a city that looks an awful lot like Manhattan.

    Scene 23

    • The next morning, the Incredible kids wake up in the jungle.
    • Dash gets up first. He hears a robotic voice asking for an identification code, but strangely it's coming from a...bird?
    • That bird, it turns out, is an alarm system, and the thing starts blaring. The kids high-tail it out of there as Syndrome's henchmen lurch towards their location.
    • Meanwhile, Mirage enters the cell where Mr. Incredible is being held. To our surprise, she walks up to the computer console and deactivates the system, leaving Mr. Incredible as free as a turd.
    • Er, bird. Typo. Can you guys edit that out?
    • Mirage runs up to Mr. Incredible, but the guy once again grabs her threateningly. He assumes that she's only here to inflict more damage on his psyche.
    • She tells him that his family survived. He releases her. Then hugs her. It's a strange moment.
    • And of course this is when Helen decides to walk by. Assuming her man is doing some dirt, she gives Mirage a swift (and stretchy) punch to the face.
    • The couple runs off to find the kids, already bickering over whose fault this is. Love, sweet love.
    • Meanwhile, the jig is up—the kids have been caught. With their backs against the wall, the kids use their powers: Violet goes invisible and Dash runs the heck away.
    • With the baddies hot on his tail, Dash launches himself into the air with a vine, but only ends up landing on top of a bad guy's hovercraft.
    • Dash, a child, has a fist fight with an adult man. He loses.
    • Luckily, he manages to break his fall after being thrown from the hovercraft and keeps a'running.
    • Dash almost panics as he approaches an inlet, but quickly discovers that he can legit run on water. Wow. So, if your wedding is short on wine, folks—just call Dash.
    • Meanwhile, the still-arguing parents are running towards the kids' location.
    • Back in the jungle, Violet is being stalked by a baddie, but at the last second Dash leaps in and attacks the henchman.
    • Just as the henchman is about to shoot Dash, Violet reappears, placing a circular force field around them both that sends the bullets ricocheting.
    • Atta girl. Dash uses the force field like a hamster ball, sprinting deeper into the jungle…
    • ...and right on top of their parents. There's no time for a happy reunion, however, because the whole family has to fight off the remaining henchmen.
    • Just before the fam is about to take the W, however, Syndrome pops in and freezes them all in place with his stun ray.
    • Remember: he didn't previously know anything about Bob's family. But now he does and boy is he pleased with himself.

    Scene 24

    • Inside the base, Syndrome is showing the family (all now locked up) a news broadcast about the Omnidroid's holiday to the mainland.
    • He announces his plan: after the Omnidroid does tons of damage, he'll fly in at the last moment and save the day to great fanfare—of course neglecting to mention that he built the darn thing.
    • He also wants to sell his inventions to the masses so everyone can have superpowers. Yeah, we're sure that'll work out swell.
    • Syndrome leaves the family and boards a jet.
    • Back on the mainland, the Omnidroid emerges from the jet. It's immediately assaulted by military forces, though it blasts back as good as its gets.
    • Mr. Incredible is watching this unfold with fear. He tells the family that he blames himself for all of this—he's been a "lousy father."
    • As he talks, Violet slips out of her restraints and frees the rest of the family. Well, that was easy.
    • The family runs to the hangar, where they look for something to transport them back home. They settle on a rocket, because why not?
    • But there's one problem—how are they going to break in? It's surely password protected, and Syndrome would've changed them by now.
    • Mirage comes over the intercom and offers to help. Well, isn't that convenient.

    Scene 25

    • We're inside Lucius' apartment as he puts on aftershave. Suddenly, he spots something outside his window: the Omnidroid.
    • He activates a secret compartment only to reveal that...his costume is missing. He argues with his wife as he tears apart the apartment looking for it.
    • The Omnidroid is laying waste to the city. Just then, a superhero appears. It''s...Syndrome. Oh boy.
    • While the crowd debates which superhero he is, Syndrome makes a big show of "fighting" the Omnidroid, when he is in fact deactivating its defenses with a wrist-mounted computer.
    • But the Omnidroid quickly smartens up, tearing the computer off his wrist and sending Syndrome running away. In other words, the Omnidroid is now free.
    • Meanwhile, the Incredible family has just arrived in the city. They had attached an RV to the bottom of the jet, and are now going all destruction derby on the city streets.
    • After the car comes to a screeching stop, Mr. Incredible gets off to fight the Omnidroid alone. Helen thinks this is ridiculous: he needs their help.
    • Bob admits that he's scared of losing Helen and they kiss passionately.
    • Their kiss is interrupted by the Omnidroid, which destroys the RV seconds after the kids leap out.
    • It lifts a clawed arm to crush them too, but Violet once again saves the day with her force field power. The Omnidroid is so powerful that she gets knocked unconscious.
    • Mr. Incredible distracts the Omnidroid while Helen shepherds the kids off to safety.
    • While Bob is fist-fighting the giant robot, he sees the arrival of an old friend: Frozone.
    • It's on.
    • Just then, Mr. Incredible notices Syndrome's wrist remote on the ground. He grabs it and manages to deactivate one of the Omnidroid's arms, sending it clattering to the ground.
    • He tosses the remote to Dash, who catches it despite being shot at by the Omnidroid. It knocks it out of his hands before he can use it, however.
    • Bob goes for it but is trapped by one of the Omnidroid's claws.
    • Next at bat is Violet, who grabs the remote and runs off. She desperately clicks at the remote, but can't figure out how to use it.
    • Suddenly, Bob makes a realization: the only thing powerful enough to destroy the Omnidroid is the Omnidroid.
    • He grabs the deactivated claw and runs towards the Omnidroid with it outstretched like a javelin. He shouts to Helen to activate the claw's rocket booster.
    • He lets it loose. It's a direct hit, piercing the Omnidroid directly though its artificial brain. A huge explosion follows.
    • The surviving citizens applaud, while on a roof nearby Syndrome is watching, growing angry.
  • Scenes 26-27

    Scenes 26-27

    Scene 26

    • In a black car, Agent Rick is explaining to the family that the government has frozen all of Syndrome's assets.
    • No word on whether they'll be allowed to be public superheroes again, but only time will tell on that one.
    • Helen is listening to a bunch of messages from the babysitter, which are increasingly panicked. Uh-oh.
    • On the last message, the sitter thanks her for sending a replacement. Helen freaks—they didn't send a replacement.
    • They rush into the house to find Jack-Jack in Syndrome's arms. Syndrome blasts them with his good old-fashioned stun ray.
    • Ranting about how he'll make Jack-Jack his new sidekick, Syndrome launches through the roof towards a waiting airship with the baby in tow.
    • As they approach the ship, however, something crazy happens: Jack-Jack starts transforming. First into a ball of fire; then into solid metal; then into a little demon child.
    • These transfigurations cause Syndrome to drop him. Bob throws Helen up to the baby, and she once again uses her body as a parachute to bring him down gently.
    • Syndrome is still taunting the family from the jet, so Bob throws a car at him. Well, that works. Dude's dead.
    • The wreckage from the exploding plane falls on the family, but Violet protects them all with her force field.

    Scene 27

    • It's three months later, and Dash is getting ready to race at a track meet.
    • Violet is in the crowd, and she has a long conversation with that hunky hunk Tony. He asks her on a date to the movies, but to be honest, she does most of the talking.
    • The race starts and Dash intentionally stays in the back of the pack. He eventually decides to win second place, knowing that in reality he could blaze past any of the kids with ease.
    • The family is walking to their car after the race when out of nowhere the earth splits open. A giant drill burst forth from the ground.
    • A small creature emerges, announcing himself as the Underminer. He starts his bad guy rant, but before he's finished, the family has already slipped on their superhero masks.
    • Oh yeah. It's about to get Incredible up in here.