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The Incredibles Scenes 1-5

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Scenes 1-5

Scenes 1-5

Scene 1

  • We open on an old, grainy video interview with a young superhero named Mr. Incredible. Hunk alert.
  • The video cuts to another heroic interview subject: Elastigirl. Golly gee, what in the name of Krypton could her power be?
  • On to interviewee number three: Frozone. Frozone looks like an extra from Tron on Ice. We're into it.
  • All three talk about their struggles living life as a superhero. Yeah, having laser eyes must be so difficult.
  • With that, the opening title card hits, and we're ready to rock and roll with The Incredibles.

Scene 2

  • A group of criminals are racing down the street with the cops in hot pursuit.
  • We cut to an awfully familiar tuxedo-clad man driving elsewhere in the city, listening to a news broadcast describe the chase.
  • He presses some doodads and doohickies and suddenly his dashboard opens to reveal a secret radar system, which he uses to track the police's pursuit of the criminals.
  • Another doodad is pressed and the car automatically shoots a costume on the driver, revealing him to be none other than Mr. Incredible. We're sure you're shocked.
  • His car transforms into the Incredible-Mobile as the superhero rushes over to the incident at top speed.
  • Suddenly, he stops: an old lady needs help getting her cat out of a tree. Priorities.
  • His technique? Pulling the tree out of the ground and shaking it until the cat falls out. Seems like overkill, but hey—maybe that's just us.
  • It actually turns out to be pretty smart, 'cause just then the criminals drive by, and Mr. Incredible smashes their car with the trunk. Easy peasy.
  • Mr. Incredible has no time to soak up the adulation, however—there's a tour bus robbery in process nearby. He rushes back to his car.
  • To his surprise, there's someone in the passenger seat: a goofy looking kid wearing a homemade Mr. Incredible costume.
  • The kid—who refers to himself as Incrediboy—wants to be Mr. Incredible's sidekick. Mr. Incredible recognizes him as Buddy, an especially pushy member of his fan club.
  • Mr. Incredible tosses Buddy out of the sunroof as he rushes off. Rude.
  • He tracks a criminal to the top of a building, but the guy pulls a gun. The horror. We're sure this Superman is shaking in his boots.
  • Suddenly, the criminal is punched clean unconscious by an especially long and stretchy fist. You might even call it...elastic.
  • Yeah—it's Elastigirl.
  • Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl argue over who's the better crime-fighter, but it's clear that there's some flirtatious energy between these two.
  • Mr. Incredible must notice too, because he asks Elastigirl out on a date later that night. Her response? Nah. Busy.
  • Our amply shaded superhero handcuffs the baddie to the side of the building to await the police. While he's doing so, he spots his pal Frozone, who hints at an important event later that night. Wonder what it is...
  • Before we can find out, Mr. Incredible's attention is yanked away by the sound of a horrified crowd. He rushes over without thinking. That's what you call a Pavlovian Response, folks.
  • This isn't good: someone is in the process of jumping off a giant building. Luckily, Mr. Incredible leaps into action, catching the man halfway through the fall and sending them both tumbling through a window.
  • They end up inside the Municiberg Bank, which is eerie and quiet in its after-hours darkness. Suddenly, there's an explosion from one of the vaults, sending Mr. Incredible toppling over.
  • From the smoke emerges...a bomb-clad mime. Real intimidating.
  • Before the crime-fighting can begin, however, another new arrival enters the fray: Incrediboy. This kid, again?
  • Buddy has a cool pair of jet boots, but he utterly fails to convince Mr. Incredible to take him on as a sidekick.
  • He goes to leave, but the mime attaches a bomb to his cape. That's not good.
  • Mr. Incredible grabs hold of Buddy as he rocket-jumps through the city. (Did we mention the kid's wearing boots with rockets in the soles? They're like the awesome rocket-version of Heelys.) Thankfully, Mr. Incredible pulls the bomb off the kid at the last second.
  • Unthankfully, the bomb blows a hole in a nearby train track. Mr. Incredible comes to the rescue once again, narrowly stopping the train before it careens into the ground.
  • At the end of the night, Mr. Incredible sends Buddy home with the cops, demanding that they tell his mom what he's been up to. You're grounded, kid.
  • But Mr. Incredible can't hang out to help capture that miserly mime, though—he has something important to do tonight. Again with the hinting. We're drooling with anticipation.
  • He pulls up to a…church? Weird.
  • Mr. Incredible walks inside wearing a tux, though still donning his mask. His buddy (who looks suspiciously like Frozone) pulls it off before he enters the main chamber.
  • It's a wedding, ya'll. Robert Parr (Mr. Incredible's alter ego) is about to get married to none other than Elastigirl. That explains so much.
  • Elastigirl is ticked that Bob is late to his own wedding, but the two kiss and make their bond official.
  • Seems like everything is about to be great.

Scene 3

  • …everything is not great. 
  • Newspaper headlines spin out to reveal how things gone sour for Mr. Incredible.  
  • For one, he's being sued by the guy he saved from killing himself, who claims that it was wrong to prevent him from fulfilling his desire. 
  • He also gets sued by those train passengers he saved because of their injuries. Some thanks, eh? 
  • This leads to a whole bunch of copy-cat lawsuits against superheroes all over, forcing the government to step in. They create the "Superhero Relocation Program," which grants amnesty to superheroes with the promise that they'll go into hiding and never use their powers again.

Scene 4

  • A red stamp reading "DENIED" gets slapped down on a piece of paper, leaving a poor old lady looking very sad. Her insurance claim was rejected.
  • (It's 15 years later, by the way.)
  • The stamper is revealed to be none other than a very bored looking Mr. Incredible, not in costume, but wearing a short sleeve shirt and tie. How the mighty have fallen.
  • He gets a call from his wife Helen, the former Elastigirl, as she cleans their baby in the sink.
  • She announces that they've officially unpacked everything, which is weird 'cause they've lived at the same place for three years. Slow movers, these two.
  • Back at the office, the old lady is devastated that her claim has been rejected. Bob looks around nervously before giving her a long list of esoteric directions to getting her claim accepted. This is clearly against the rules.
  • His satisfaction at helping the woman doesn't last long, because his boss (who seems to be roughly two feet tall) barges into his cubicle without warning.
  • Mr. Huph, the boss, is furious that Bob has been accepting insurance claims, presumably because he's provided this sort of under-the-table assistance before.

Scene 5

  • Meanwhile, Mrs. Parr (a.k.a. Mrs. Incredible, a.k.a. Helen) arrives at an elementary school principal's office. That's never good.
  • Her son, Dash, is in trouble for disrupting in class and, namely, leaving thumb tacks on the teacher's chair. The teacher claims to have video evidence that proves it.
  • He plays the video and…nothing really happens. You can't see Dash doing anything. Just sort of moving slightly in his chair.
  • Given the evidence, the principle lets Dash go home without trouble. We have a feeling that Dash got away with something, however. Mom looks a little mad at him, and apparently this isn't the first time that this sort of thing has happened.
  • On the drive home, Dash claims that he would be a better student if he was allowed to play sports, but his mom says that this is a no-go due to the whole superpower ban.
  • So he must have superpowers, eh? Seems like it could be super speed.

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